The world is currently experiencing an extremely serious health crisis. Half of the world’s population is being confined in an attempt to stem the spread of Covid-19, a highly contagious and deadly disease that has so far been fatal to the oldest and most fragile among us.

The CERI, also in full confinement, publishes a Dossier on the health crisis. This includes articles by our researchers on specific countries or regions of the world (China, Italy, Latin America, India) but also more cross-cutting texts on the ethical questions or international issues raised by the current situation.

This Dossier will be updated in the coming days. It will also be updated when necessary.


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The World in the Face of COVID-19

Exclusive online articles
#KeepLearning with the CERI
  • COVID Map. Copyright: ShutterstockCOVID Map. Copyright: Shutterstock
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Reframing the Field of Security Professionals?

An article by Didier Bigo
International Journal of Migration and Border Studies
  • Actualité Sciences PoActualité Sciences Po
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The Cause of Migrants

Interview with Pauline Brücker, Daniel Veron and Youri Lou
Critique Internationale no. 84
  • The Cause of Migrants Critique Internationale 84The Cause of Migrants Critique Internationale 84
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In support of Fariba Adelkhah

Our colleague detained in Iran since June 5th 2019
  • In support of Fariba Adelkhah. Photo copyright Laurent GayerIn support of Fariba Adelkhah. Photo copyright Laurent Gayer
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