Garnet Policy Briefs

Garnet Policy Briefs

Couverture Garnet Policy BriefsThe Policy Briefs are authored by scholars affiliated with partner institutions of the EU-sponsored GARNET network, of which CERI will remain a member until Summer 2010. Their subjects lie within the areas of global governance, regionalization, regulation and analysis of Europe’ role in this respect. The concise format of the series and the political recommendations presented in every issue allow them to link together the European researchers and policy makers..



Garnet Policy Brief No. 7 - September
Have you heard of the EU? An analysis of global images of the European Union
Sonia Lucarelli, Lorenzo Fioramonti

Garnet Policy Brief No. 6 - February
The Normative Empire. The Unintended Consequences of European Power
Zaki Laïdi

Garnet Policy Brief No. 5 - January
The EU and the Wider Black Sea Region: Challenges and Policy Options
Ronald Hatto, Odette Tomescu



Garnet Policy Brief No. 4 - May
How the EU Could Overcome the Current Constitutional Crisis
Olivier Costa, Paul Magnette

Garnet Policy Brief No. 3 - January
Global Financial Architecture, Legitimacy, and Representation: Voice for Emerging Markets
Geoffrey R.D. Underhill



Garnet Policy Brief No. 2 - May
Markets and Institutions: How to Manage the Governance Gap at the WTO
Richard Higgott, Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Fabrice Lehmann



Garnet Policy Brief No. 1 - November
Referenda and European Integration: A Misguided Procedure?
Christian Lequesne

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