PhD students

Contact : shreya.parikh
Supervisors: Daniel Sabbagh and Juliette Galonnier
Thèse : Religion and ethno-racial stratification: The case of Black Muslims in France and Tunisia
France, Tunisia
Supervisors: Jacques Rupnik (CERI) and Mitja Velikonja (Université de Ljubljana)
Thèse : (Post) Yugoslav memories as resistance strategies: Understanding the political significance of Yugonostalgia
Postsocialist memory; (Post)Yugoslav societies; political generations; nostalgia and Yugonostalgia
Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Former Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia
Political science
Political sociology; Memory studies
Identity and politics, Political participation and mobilization
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Supervisors: Ariel Colonomos et Thierry Balzacq
Thèse : Secrecy and unveiling in international relations: the reconfigurations of the norm of secrecy in the Western world
The norm of secrecy in IR, normative debates in IR, history of secret services, intelligence service cooperation
Global realm, North America, Western Europe
France, United Kingdom, United States
Political science
International relations
The State and the transformations of the State
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Supervisor: Béatrice Hibou
Thèse : Le gouvernement du travail illibéral : l'institution du travail migrant à Malte
Migration and labour, unlawful accumulation, state-capital relations
Western Europe
Political science
The State and the transformations of the State
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