PhD students

Supervisor: Nadège Ragaru
Thèse : Seeking Justice, Finding Dogma/Forgetting Collectively: the permeating influence of prosecuting
Supervisors: Kathy Rousselet and Philippe Portier
Thèse : Producing a state ideology in post-Soviet Russia: The crusade of the conservative ideologues of the Izborsky Club
Science, technology
Russian Federation
Political science
Actors and levels of regulation in world politics, The State and the transformations of the State
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Supervisor: Frédéric Ramel
Thèse : Des principes à la pratique : du processus de décision de la FAO et de son influence dans la transformation des politiques d'investissement agricole
Investment regulations through multilateral voluntary instruments, environmentally friendly agricultural investments, international organizations
Global realm
Political science
International relations, international political economy
Actors and levels of regulation in world politics
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Supervisors: Didier Bigo and Benoit Pélopidas
Thèse : Governing nuclear knowledges. A comparative genealogy of the regimes of governance of nuclear knowledges in nuclear armed states (1939-1975)
History of nuclear knowledges, practices of secrecy in democractic states, nuclear weapons programs
Global realm
Political science
International Relations
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