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Critique internationale is a quarterly French-language journal published by Presses de Sciences Po, with the help of the Centre national du livre. A peer-reviewed journal, it has been supported by the Centre de recherches internationales (CERI-Sciences Po/CNRS) since its creation in October 1998.

A comparative social sciences journal, Critique internationale aims to shed light on the social sciences of politics from a comparative and empirical perspective. Articles submitted to the journal must therefore be based upon a detailed knowledge of the area(s) studied, acquired by researchers during localized studies and long-term immersion. At the same time, this approach must be accompanied by a solid grounding in the issue of research in social sciences debates.

The editorial committee is made up of individuals specializing in international issues (including transfer of norms, the transnationalization of collective action and public policy, the role of international organizations and NGOs in numerous crises or in the routine life of the “countries of the South,” and migration) in places (other than France) across all five continents. Anthropologists, sociologists, historians, and political scientists, its members come from various institutions (CNRS, IRD, FNSP, EHESS, universities) and vibrant research centers in both France and further afield, where comparative studies and studies on international issues provide a variety of perspectives on the way in which research is conducted today.

At the same time, Critique internationale continues to place particular focus on supporting young researchers in their first publishing and project coordination endeavors, while also ensuring that work produced by foreign colleagues is published in its pages.

Each quarter, a thematic dossier of five or six articles presents several case studies based on a cross-cutting issue. What makes Critique internationale distinctive is that each time, this dossier deals with far removed geographical and cultural entities. Together with the miscellaneous contributions that are published in each issue’s “Varia” section, these thematic studies provide particularly rich material for social scientific comparison. The “Readings” section offers reviews as well as reports on the state of thematic literature, allowing for an assessment of the research in a given field.

The journal accepts articles in English, Spanish, Russian, and German, and provides authors with feedback on their manuscripts in the language in which they submitted them. These manuscripts are then translated into French. Critique internationale also translates articles originally written in French or another language into English. These articles, as well as the entire collection, are available online on the journal portal

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ISSN electronic 1777-554X


N°102 - Des mobilisations transnationales par et pour les archives

Couverture Critique InternationaleDes mobilisations transnationales par et pour les archives
Dans la lignée des travaux qui abordent les archives non seulement comme des sources mais aussi comme des objets de recherche à part entière, ce dossier traite des mobilisations transnationales et internationales qui font de l'archivage un moyen de contestation. Ces dynamiques irriguent des mouvements d’activisme archivistique et d’archivage activiste. À partir d’une étude des circulations d’archives, d’acteurs et de pratiques archivistiques, un double décentrement peut être opéré : tout d’abord, par la rupture avec un prisme d’analyse centré sur l'État, en se concentrant sur les pratiques d’acteurs non étatiques, ensuite, par un déplacement du regard habituellement centré sur les traditions archivistiques occidentales, en examinant les pratiques et circulations encore peu explorées entre l’Afrique, le Moyen-Orient et l’Europe.

ISBN 978-2-7246-4215-5

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