War and Memory Compared Civilians and Downed Airmen in WW2 Europe

Speaker :
Claire Andrieu, Sciences Po-CERI et CHSP
Moderator :
Catherine Perron, Sciences Po-CERI
Discussants :
Ariel Colonomos, Sciences Po-CERI,
Christian Lequesne, Sciences Po–CERI,
Nicolas Patin, Université Bordeaux Montaigne. 


This book discusses how the thousands of encounters between civilians and downed airmen during the Second World War reshaped societies at a local level. Andrieu shows how the fall of France in 1940 may have concealed an insurrection nipped in the bud, that the 'People's War' in Britain was not just a myth, that in occupied France, helping the Allies at great risk was widespread and that in Germany, the 'racial community of the people' had in fact become a social reality with Allied airmen increasingly subject to lynching. She argues that these contrasting histories also shaped national war memories. The discussion will pay particular attention to the German case.
Claire Andrieu answered our questions on the occasion of the publication of the French edition of this book.
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Responsable scientifique de l'événement : Claire Andrieu.

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