The PhD students' seminar (DocSem)

Scientific Coordination

Jeanne Bouyat and Sarah Tanke


Why did we want to create a CERI doctoral seminar?

- To have a space for discussion and group work among Ph.D. students at CERI: the Open Space is the only such space specifically for Ph.D. students at CERI. However, it is not possible to do collective research there as it is a silent space for reading and writing. The DocSem creates a space for group work for various purposes (see below).

- To have a regular and friendly meeting place between new, current, and former doctoral students: few CERI doctoral students work at the Open Space and eat at the Club during their lunch break. We don’t know each other very well, unless we started the Ph.D. at the same time and attended seminars together or participated in the same research group. The LabSem mainly offers a space to get to know which topics permanent and visiting CERI researchers work on.


This seminar is mainly aimed at CERI Ph.D. and post-doctoral students, at least for the first sessions. However, we will not refuse anyone who is interested in participating, as we try to be as inclusive as possible.

Length, frequency and venue

We have decided to meet once every two weeks for one hour, preferably in the middle of the week, from 2 to 3 pm in the Salle du Conseil, on the 4th floor of the CERI building (56 rue Jacob, 75006 Paris).


We agreed to adopt a variety of formats in the seminar, according to our needs and interests, not always focusing on methodology, fieldwork, or theory, but alternating the sessions. Each session has a specific theme, announced and prepared in advance. The themes should not be too broad and should be organized with practical activities. The sessions include presentations, but also at least thirty minutes for a group discussion. As the sessions are short, there are no more than two or three presenters. Each presentation should be between 5 and 15 minutes. As the seminar intends to be as inclusive as possible, and as some are not comfortable with using French as a medium of communication, the default language will be English. However, some sessions can be in French if it is more relevant. 


The sessions are intended to be relevant to the needs of the doctoral students. Therefore, the content of each session is defined in advance according to group demand. They are practically oriented and allow us to progress on our theses and in our research through group discussions.


Le DocSem se réunit deux fois par mois, en milieu de semaine, entre 14h et 15h, en salle du Conseil (4e étage, 56 rue Jacob, Paris 6e).

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