The Disappearing of Algeria’s Hirak

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Illustration du dossier The Disappearing of Algeria’s Hirak
Edited by : Luis Martinez and Rasmus Alenius Boserup

Ten years after the “Arab Uprisings”, a peaceful mass protest movement abruptly emerged in Algeria. In an astonishing show of force, the so-called Hirak exponentially grew from a few thousand protesters in the capital in early February 2019 to hundreds of thousands of protesters in all major Algerian cities. Inspired by the peaceful regime changes in Tunisia in 2011 and in Sudan after the dismissal of Omar el-Bashir in 2019, the protestors called for a regime change and for an establishment of a democratic system based on the rule of law.
With the Hirak, Algeria’s civil society demonstrated remarkable energy and creativity, both online and in the streets. Actors from civil society including judges, feminists, artists, journalists, independent trade unionists, and academics worked together to create a powerful political dynamic. This dynamic was not matched by capable politicians, however. And as the movement failed to transform itself into a formal political actor, the existing state elites—and in particular the military establishment—came to dominate the political scene.
Through six thought-provoking contributions, this new Dossier du CERI gathers specialists of Algerian politics, economy, military, media and society to explore what we have called The Disappearing of the Algerian Hirak…

The Disappearing of Algeria’s Hirak - (epub) - format pdf
Edited by : Luis Martinez and Rasmus Alenius Boserup

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