Critique Internationale: A "best of" available in English



A selection of articles from the journal Critique Internationale translated into English is available online.

You can access, on the Cairn portal, the articles from the issues on:

Political Economy of the Arab Uprisings (2013/4, N°61)

Patriotic Figures in the Contemporary World (2013/1, N°58) .

Islamic Feminism Today (n° 46, January-March 2010): 

- Islamic feminism twenty years on: the economy of a debate and new fields of research (Stéphanie Latte Abdallah)

- Re/placing islamic feminism (Margot Badran)

- Islamic feminism in Iran: a new form of subjugation or the emergence of agency? (Azadeh Kian)

- Personal development and the “rights of woman”: women’s appropriation of religion in Saudi Arabia (Amélie le Renard)

- Morocco: towards an “Islamic state feminism” (Souad Eddouada, Renata Pepicelli) 

Ethnicity in Latin America (n°57, October-December 2012):

- Ethnicity in Latin America: a deepening of the democratic repertory? (Geneviève Verdo and Dominique Vidal)

- Bolivian Katarism: the emergence of an Indian challenge to the social order (Cécile Casen)

- Ethnography of an indigenous student organization in Peruvian Amazonia: the ambivalence of protest (Doris Buu-Sao)

- Ethnicity in Bolivia? The paradox of an indigenous category, the Folklorista (Kévin Maenhout)

- Bolivian immigrants in São Paulo: metaphors of slavery and representations of alterity (Dominique Vidal)