The CERISCOPE collection

The CERISCOPE collection

CERISCOPE  Environnement

CERISCOPE  Puissance


CERISCOPE Frontières

is an online scientific publication of CERI produced in partnership with the mapping center of Sciences-Po. The publication focuses each year on a different international issue. Articles are updated and supplemented with new articles on an ongoing basis.

Ceriscope is part of an ongoing commitment by CERI to online publishing. Under the direction of the director of CERI, and the director of the mapping center, Ceriscope brings together scholars and renowned international experts to address important international issues from the diverse perspectives of CERI’s five research departments.

Ceriscope provides analyses using text, maps, graphics, photography, videos, podcasts, animations etc. Readers are able to search by topic, geographical area, key words, document type and author.


Publishing editor:
Alain Dieckhoff,
Marie-Françoise Durand (director of the mapping center of Sciences Po)

Publishing manager:
Dorian Ryser,, tél. +33158717012

Press manager:
Karolina Michel,, tél.+33158717007

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