Disasters and Risks

Scientific Coordination

Sandrine Revet


This research group is hosted at CERI by Sandrine Revet, and gathers several researchers from various institutions who are interested in the issue of disasters and risk. Since 2009, it has functioned with and through the research seminar on disasters and risk, which has allowed for an anthropological reflection on the dispositifs for the management of disasters, and to build a body of work on disasters, to have them discuss while bringing them out of their specificities (“natural”, “technological”, “nuclear” disasters, etc). The seminar placed empirical research on “at risk” situations or disasters at the heart of the discussion. The grounds of disaster-induced emergencies have lead to new forms of governance in which sovereign states, military forces and NGOs intervene in the name of new security, humanitarian and relief paradigms. How do exposed populations interact with these management dispositifs? What dynamics of social recomposition are implemented in the tensions specific to hazard and cataclysmic situations? How do “cultures of disaster” emerge? What political and critical resources appear in these exceptional situations? How do people and emergency actors deal with it situations of emergency?


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17 juin 2021
Nile Davies, doctorant anthropologie, Columbia University
Disaster-prone communities, risk and salvage in the Western Area, Sierra Leone 
Discussion : Laurent Fourchard

8 avril 2021
Elisabeth Milikovic, doctorante au CERI, Sciences Po
Eglise orthodoxe et changement climatique en Russie
Discussion : Marc Elie (CERCEC, EHESS)

11 mars 2021
Kari De Pryck, chercheuse invitée au Département de géographie de l’Université de Cambridge.
La production de connaissances “pertinentes pour la politique” (policy-relevant) dans le GIEC. Retour sur une notion ambivalente.
Discussion : Jean Noël Jouzel (CSO, Sciences Po)

3 février 2021
Romain Leclercq (Université Paris 8, Lavue – UMR 7218)
Se maintenir hors d’eau. Inondations et infrastructures urbaines à Dakar (Sénégal)
Discussion : Julien Langumier

If you wish to register, please mail to Sandrine Revet.


The following themes have been considered: Disasters, risks and social sciences (2009-2011, with Julien Langumier); Simulations (2011-2012, with Marc Elie et Frédéric Keck).

In 2012-2013, three workshops have been organized : Haïti : after the disaster ; Sciences and disasters ; Disasters and religion.
Between 2012 and 2014, the group worked with Sophie Houdart and Vanessa Manceron from LESC (Laboratoire d’ethnologie et de sociologie comparée, University of Nanterre) to host the seminar on The Measure of Danger.
In 2015, together with Alain Musset (Centre de recherches historiques, EHESS) and Virginia Garcia Acosta from CIESAS in Mexico considered the issue of “Crossing dialogues and discourses: disasters and interdisciplinarity.”
In 2016-2017, with Vanessa Manceron, the seminar worked on the issue of “What Law had made to nature. Disasters, risks, environment and justice.”

The research group is currently part of the ANR RAVEX project.

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