Back from the Field Seminar

Scientific Coordination

Prunelle Aymé, Gilles Favarel-Garrigues and Sandrine Revet


This internal seminar aims at offering a place to discuss fieldwork, for PhD students and CERI researchers. The seminar is co-organized with the self- managed doctoral seminar and gives the floor to colleagues (PhD students and researchers) who are back from the field and can share their experience and the difficulties they have had to deal with. The aim is to discuss both frankly and in a reflexive manner the conditions of data access and collection, the researcher’s positioning toward interviewees, discoveries and renunciations, bifurcations from the initial plan forced by the field, problems linked to translating sources, perspectives of data treatment, etc. The seminar is thought to be both friendly and informal : discussion should be open-minded and no text will be distributed in advance.

The seminar will take place during lunchtime (12:30-14:00), but no lunch is provided (bring your own).


23 septembre 2021
Adam  Baczko
Retour du Mali. Enquêter sur les pratiques et savoirs d’Etat en contexte d’intervention militaire

18 novembre  2021
Sophie Russo 
Retour du bazar de Karachi. Enquêter auprès des syndicats de marchands
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