Sandrine Perrot

Assistant Research Professor with tenure
Phone: +33158717081 -
Sandrine Perrot, political scientist, is a research fellow at the National Foundation for POlitical Science. She holds a Ph.D. in Political sciences from the then Centre d’études d’Afrique noire (CEAN) at Sciences Po Bordeaux (now Les Afriques dans le monde - LAM). She was a post-doctoral for two years at the Center for international studies (CERIUM) in Montreal before joining CERI in 2007. She is also a research associate at Institut des mondes africains (Imaf).

She was a member of the editorial board of Politique africaine and Critique internationale. She is currently the Chairman of the Association des chercheur(e)s de Politique africaine (ACPA) and the Publication manager of Politique africaine.

She is a member of the research project on “the social life of identity papers in Africa” (2016-2020). At CERI, she co-hosts the seminar "Africa: citizenship, violence and politics".

Sandrine Perrot's research focuses on the sociology of armes groups and violence phenomena in Sub-Saharan Africa, and more particularly in Uganda; she works also on voting as a social act and on the social life of identity papers.

Work in Progress

History of the idenity card and voter's card in Uganda.

Research Interests

Uganda, armed groups, violence, vote, identity papers

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