Graduated from Philosophy department, French language department and School of International Relations at St.Petersburg state university. Served as international relations expert at St.Petersburg City Administration in 2008-2016. Undertook an internship at Chicago City Hall, USA (2012). Defended a thesis of candidate of science in international Relations at St.Petersburg State University in 2016 (topic - Russian soft power). Since 2017 - associate professor at Higher School of Economics (St.Petersburg). Since 2018 director of HSE French Club. Since 2020 - representative of 'Francophonie sans frontières' in Russia.

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Russian and Chinese grand strategies in Kazakhstan, supervised by Thierry Balzacq et Kathy Rousselet

Work in Progress

Russia and China in Central Asia, Russian soft power, French soft power

Research Interests

Russian strategy in Central Asia, Russian soft power, French soft power, Russian-French relations

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