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Juliette Galonnier is Assistant Professor at CERI, Sciences Po. She teaches a seminar on Islam in Europe and North America and Qualitative Methods for both Bachelor and Master students. She also co-leads the Writing seminar for CERI's PhD students.

Her research investigates the social construction of racial and religious categories, and how they frequently intersect. Empirically, her work has been mostly focusing on Muslim minorities across various national contexts (India, France, the United States).

She received in 2017 a joint PhD degree in Sociology from Sciences Po and Northwestern University. Entitled Choosing Faith and Facing Race: Converting to Islam in France and the United States, her dissertation was awarded the Best Dissertation Award of the American Sociological Association (ASA) in 2018. Building on 82 in-depth interviews and ethnographic observations in mosques and convert associations, this research provides a comparative analysis of the experiences of Muslim converts on the two sides of the Atlantic.

She has published several chapters in edited volumes and articles in peer-reviewed journals such as French politics, culture and society, Sociology of Religion, Social Compass, Archives de sciences sociales des religions, Critique internationale, Hommes & Migrations and Tracés.

From 2017 to 2019, she worked as a post-doctoral researcher within the “Global Race” ANR project. In 2018, she coordinated with Pr. Mahamet Timéra a research project on Muslims of Sub-Saharan and Comorian descent in France, funded by the Religions Office of the French Ministry of the Interior.

She is also a fellow at IC Migrations, a member of Critique Internationale and Tracés’ editorial boards, a coordinator of the group “Inequalities and Discriminations” at the French Political Science Association (AFSP) with Daniel Sabbagh and Hugo Bouvard, a member of the program “Agenda for a critical sociology of religion” and a member of the research networks “Islams et chercheurs dans la cite”, “Race, religion, secularism” and “Beyond Radicalization”."

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Within the “Global Race” ANR research project, I investigate the evolution of the “race” concept in the French social sciences from 1945 onwards and the contrasted and controversial use of racial and religious categories in national censuses and international organizations. In the aftermath of my dissertation research, I analyze the contrasted ways through which people "talk about religion" in France and the United States, by relying on interviews with religious converts and their families in these two countries. I explore the modalities of speech or silence around religion in secular contexts taking into account family ties and trajectories.

Research Interests

Racialization, Religion, Islam, Secularism, Conversion, Qualitative Methods, International Comparison

  • Languages

    English, Hindi, Arabic
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