Stephanie Latte

Researcher, CNRS
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Stéphanie Latte Abdallah is a historian and political scientist. She is a research fellow at CNRS. She worked at IREMAM in Aix-en-Provence (2006-2013) and then at Ifpo in the Palestinian Territories (2013-2016). She initially specialized on refugees and women's history in Palestinian camps in Jordan, then on collective mobilizations and their transformations before and after the Arab Spring and on issues of citizenship. She worked on women's mobilizations and feminisms, notably Islamic feminism, and broader gender issues in Jordan, the Middle East and Arab societies. Her research also focused on the relationship between images, politics, history and memory in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Her recent work is dealing with issues of mobility, borders and confinement in the Israeli-Palestinian spaces, and with imprisonment which is the topic on the book she is currently writing. At the intersection between art and science, she contributed to artistic projects and exhibitions of contemporary art, wrote and co-directed a film on mapping, borders and circulations in Israeli-Palestinian spaces (2017 ).
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Work in Progress

Her current work focuses on mobility, borders and confinement in the Israeli-Palestinian spaces, and on the prison issue. Her ongoing and future research interests are dealing with emergent local citizen mobilizations related to alternative economy schemes and environment issues in Palestine and beyond.

Research Interests

Israeli–Palestinian conflict, Citizenship, Political mobilizations, Mobilities, Feminisms

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