ERIS, A Genuinly European Journal. Interview with Christian Lequesne


The latest issue of ERIS (European Review of International Studies, Vol. 7, No. 1) has just been published. This issue is the first issue published with Brill. Interview with Christian Lequesne, one of the journal's two founding editors.

You launched ERIS in 2014 with Professor John Groom from the University of Canterbury. Could you give us the genealogy of this editorial project?

I had known John Groom for several years, in particular because we were both on the ECPR Steering Committee on International Relations—which has since become the European International Studies Association. I had succeeded Marie-Claude Smouts as CERI's representative. The EISA is a place where European IR specialists meet, with the aim of pooling a significant production of research specific to Europe. In 2011, it seemed to us (with John Groom and other colleagues at the time, in particular Bertrand Badie) that Europe should make its IR production more visible and should not hesitate to claim its scientific added value, i.e., a strong anchoring in sociology and history, and even more in historical sociology. This is very true in France, but also in Great Britain.(...)