Intelligence Agencies: Never Accountable? Interview with Didier Bigo, Emma Mc Cluskey & Félix Tréguer

Cover of Intelligence Oversight Who watches the watchers? In their recently edited book entitled Intelligence Oversight in Times of Transnational Impunity (Routledge, 2024, available in Open Access), Didier Bigo, Emma Mc Cluskey and Félix Tréguer share a critical and multidisciplinary perspective on the workings of Western intelligence and intelligence oversight over time and space. They answer our questions on the various aspects developed in the volume, the first of which is intelligence oversight! Read the interview below, and access the volume in open access.

Access the full interview on CERI/lab

Can you briefly define the notion of intelligence oversight for the non-specialists?

Intelligence oversight is traditionally the name given to the various mechanisms by which intelligence services are made accountable to an authority that can ask them to explain what they have done in secret and whether it was in accordance with their missions, objectives and whether they used appropriate (proportionate) means. Most democratic regimes have created specific bodies within the government to oversee their intelligence services and review their activities.



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