Money Laundering, Security and Suspicion-in-the-Making. An interview with Anthony Amicelle

Anthony Amicelle

Anthony Amicelle is Associate Professor at the School of criminology, International Centre for Comparative Criminology and Montreal Centre for International Studies, University of Montreal. Invited by CERI for a one-year research stay, Anthony answers our questions on his current research and his ongoing projects while staying at CERI and beyond.

Can you briefly present your research path?

I received my PhD (“The European Union in the fight against terrorist financing: issues and usages of financial surveillance”, supervised by Didier Bigo ) in political science and international relations from Sciences Po in 2011. My doctoral research aimed to understand when and how the issue of “dirty money” had become an object of public concern, debate, and ultimately policy, with the rise of dedicated international norms and national laws across the world.(...)