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Undergraduate Admissions, Evaluation 1: Secondary School Exams

The first evaluation of the admissions procedure consists of an assessment of the candidate’s results in their final secondary school exams (French Baccalaureate or foreign equivalent).

You are

The first evaluation phase relates to your results in the Baccalaureate exams of your première and terminale years of the lycée. These will be visible on the Parcousup platform once your application has been validated.

All subjects (spécialités) and combinations of subjects are welcome. You should choose the ones that will best allow you to succeed. Sciences Po will evaluate the candidates’ results across the Baccalaureate subjects.

Calculation of your mark: unweighted average of all the grades.This mark is your result in the first evaluation of the admissions procedure.

Please note: Candidates are not required to submit any documents for this evaluation. Your secondary school will enter your grades into Parcoursup directly.

For candidates applying from non-French systems of secondary education, results in final exams equivalent to the French Baccalaureate and/or mid term exams and/or predicted grades (upon availability) will be assessed on the basis of report cards submitted through the Sciences Po admissions website. These report cards will be assessed by experts in systems of secondary education abroad.

There are no specific subject requirements.

How can I prepare for this evaluation?

Sciences Po seeks to select excellent students, whatever their academic path prior to applying. The admissions process at Sciences Po values diversity among applicants and their backgrounds. That means that applications are evaluated in their entirety and excellence in a candidate’s specialities and chosen subjects is one of the factors taken into consideration. You should therefore choose your subjects on the basis of your own skills, interests and curiosity about the specialities on offer.

We would also advise you to familiarise yourselves with our programmes and curriculums, both at the Undergraduate College (Bachelor’s level) and at Master’s level. Whatever subjects and specialities you choose, it is important that you are able to demonstrate an interest in the humanities, social sciences, history and current affairs in the world around you, for example through your personal projects, extra-curricular activities or reading.



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Limited financial resources are not a barrier to receiving a Sciences Po education.

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