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Professeur des universités en sociologie
  • Ettore Recchi (OSC)Ettore Recchi (OSC)

contact : ettore.recchi(at) - Tel : 01 45 49 54 11

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Ettore Recchi is Full Professor of Sociology at Sciences Po since January 2014.
He previously taught at the University of Chieti-Pescara, the University of Florence, the European University Institute and the University of Michigan.
He holds a PhD (with distinction) in Social and Political Sciences from the European University Institute (EUI), Fiesole, 1996.
He is also part-time professor in the Migration Policy Centre, European University Institute, Firenze.

Research topics -  Thèmes de recherche

His main research foci are mobility (in its different forms), social stratification, elites, and European integration. Currently he is coordinating a study on the influence of 'personal geographies' on attitudes and life chances (the Space-Set project).

Recent publications (selection) - Publications scientifiques

- 2019 (with Emanuel Deutschmann & Federica Bicchi), "Mobility hub or hollow? Cross-border travelling in the Mediterranean", 1995-2016, Global Networks, July [Open Access].
- 2019, "Europäische Gessellschaften: Konvergenzen und Divergenzen",  In: Christian Scholz, Peter Dörrenbächer & Anne Rennig, Europa jenseits des Konvergenzparadigmas: Divergenz - Dynamik - Diskurs, Banden-Baden, Nomos, col. Denkart Europa | Mindset Europa, p. 229-256. 
- 2019 (with Emanuel Deutschmann & Michele Vespe), Estimating Transnational Human Mobility on a Global Scale, EUI Working Papers RSCAS 2019/30, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, Migration Policy Centre, 32 p. -  Related resources: MPC Blog, Debate Migration, "Global Human Mobility Rapidly Increasing, New Open-Access Dataset Shows" - Dynamic Data Hub [mapping].
- 2018 (editor, with Adrian Favell), Everyday Europe: Social transnationalism in an unsettled continent, Bristol: Policy Press, 1st february 2019, 328 p.
- 2018 (with Giulia Assirelli and Carlo Barone), “'You Better Move On'. Determinants and Labor Market Outcomes of Graduate Migration from Italy”, International Migration Review, First Published 5 AprilSage Journals.
- 2017, "The Engine of 'Europeanness'? Free Movement, Social Transnationalism and European Identification", Ettore Recchi, In: Daniel Thym (ed.), Questioning EU Citizenship. Judges and the Limits of Free Movement and Solidarity in the EU, Hart Publishing, 2017. "
- 2017 (avec Hadrien Dubucs, Thomas Pfirsh et Camille Schmoll), « Les migrations italiennes dans la France contemporaine : les nouveaux visages d'une mobilité européenne historique », Hommes & Migrations, n° 1317-18, avril 2017, p. 59-68. 
- 2017 (with Lorenzo Grifone Baglioni, Justyna Salamonska, Thea Rossi), "Cittadini in movimento. Una tipologia induttiva della mobilità transnazionale in Europa", Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia, 1/2017, p. 63-98. Rivisteweb
- 2017 (with Irina Ciornel), "At the Source of European Solidarity: Assessing the Effects of Cross-border Practices and Political Attitudes", Journal of Common Market Studies, early view, 26 january. Wiley Journals
- 2016 (with Handrien Dubucs, Thomas Pfirsch & Camille Schmoll), "Je suis un Italien de Paris: Italian migrants' incorporation in a European capital city", Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, published online: 10 november. Accès portail Taylor & Francis Online
- 2016, "The Citizenship Gap in European Societies: Conceptualizing, Measuring and Comparing ‘Migration Neutrality’ across the EU”, International Migration, vol. 54, n° 6, p. 181-200. Doi: 10.1111/imig.12292. Wiley Journals
- 2016 (avec Carlo Barone et Giulia Assirelli), "Graduate Migration Out of Italy: Predictors and Pay-Offs", Notes et Documents de l'OSC, n° 2016-03, août 2016.
- 2015, « Les inégalités sociales en Europe », in Bertrand Badie, Dominique Vidal, Un monde d'inégalités. L'état du monde 2016, Paris, La Découverte, p. 173-179.
- 2015 (avec Justyna Salamońska), "Bad Times, Good Times to Move? The Changing Landscape of Intra-EU Migration", in Hans-Jörg Treens, Carlo Ruzza, Virginie Guiraudon, Europe's Prolonged Crisis. The Making or the Unmaking of a Political Union, Palgrave Macmillan, p. 124-147.
- 2015, Mobile Europe. The Theory and Practices of Free Movement in the EU, Palgrave Macmillan.
- 2014 (avec Justyna Salamońska), "Keeping the European Faith. Collective Identity before and after the Euro-Crisis", Partecipazione e conflitto, vol.7, n° 3, p. 509-531.
- 2014, "Pathways to European Identity Formation: A Tale of Two Models", Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research, n° 27, 2, p. 119-133.
- 2013, with Lorenzo G. Baglioni, “La classe media va in Europa? Transnazionalismo e stratificazione sociale nell’Unione Europea”, SocietàMutamentoPolitica, n° 7, p. 47-70.
- 2011, with Adrian Favell, "Social Mobility and Spatial Mobility", in A. Favell and V. Guiraudon (eds), Sociology of the European Union, Basingstoke, Palgrave.

Academic Presentations (selection) - Communications

- 2017, "Citizenship through Mobility Practices: Assessing the European Free Movement Experiment", La citoyenneté en débat(s), USPC, 22 novembre.
- 2017, "Introducing Space-Sets: What Are They, How to Operationalize Them and What Do They Bring to Sociological knowledge?", 13th Conference of the European Sociological Association (ESA), Athens, 13 August. 
- 2016, "Britain in the EU: Is Britain really a European society?" (debate), Business School Maurice Keyworth, University of Leeds, 13 June.
- 2016 (with Giulia Assirelli) "Graduates on the Move: Determinants and Returns of High-skilled Migration among Italian Youth", RC28 Intergenerational Transfer, Human Capital, and Inequality Conference, Singapore, Parallel Session "4.2 Youth Labour Market and Labour Market Entry", 26 May. [Abstract]
- 2015, "Europe between Mobility and Sedentarism: Patterns of Micro-Transnationalism and their Consequences for European Integration" (with J. Salamonska), European Sociological Association (ESA) 12th conference, Research Stream 3, Prague, 28 August.
- 2015, "Making Sense of Spatial Mobility: What Are Space-Sets, How Can We Operationalize Them and Why Are They Worth Being Researched?", GRITIM Lecture, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, 6 May.
- 2014, "Free Movement in the Euro-Crisis", roundtable Multilevel citizenship in Europe and Canada, York University, Toronto, 24 September.
- 2014, "Upper Classes, Wider Horizons? The Social Stratification of International Travelling among Europeans" (with J. Salamonska), paper presented at the RC28-RC13 joint session, ISA World Conference, Yokohama, 17 July.
- 2014, "My My Hey Hey: Is Free Movement Here to Stay?", communication at the State of the Union conference, European University Institute, Florence, 8 May.

Research Projects - Projets de recherche

The Space-Set Project: The Power of Personal Geographies. Fine-tuning 'Space-Sets' and Testing their Measurement (2014-2016, funded by Sciences Po Research).

Direction de thèses - PhD Students

 Siresa López Berengueres

Teaching - Enseignements

- Questions de recherche sociologique (Sciences Po Paris, Master de Sociologie)
- Comparing European Societies (Sciences Po Paris, Master, common core curriculum).
- Sociology of free movement (Sciences Po Paris, School of Public Affairs, Master in European Affairs).
- Social inequalities in Europe (Sciences Po Reims, Undergraduate College)

Responsabilités scientifiques - Scientific Responsabilities

- Head of doctoral studies in Sociology, Sciences Po.
- Member of the Scientific Council, INED (The French Institute for Demographic Studies), as "Specialists from outside INED chosen for their expertise in the field of population or another demography-related discipline".

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