Le Séminaire scientifique

CRIS Scientific Seminar

Social Diversity at School, Academic Performances, and Social Skills: Evidence From a French Desegregation Experiment

Élise Huillery
(Université Paris-Dauphine, PSL)

Friday 27 January 2023 - 11:30 am - Room K008 (Sciences Po, 1 place Saint-Thomas-d'Aquin)

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  • 10th February, Mathilde Emeriau (LSE)
  • 17th February, Philipp Brandt (CSO), The Big Apple’s Inner Workings: Structural Stress, Individual Strain, and Relational Footholds in a Labor Market
  • 24th February, Roi Livne (University of Michigan)Pricing Hospital Care: The Perfect Market Chimera in Henry Ford's Hospital
  • 17th March, Julie Pereira (CRIS)
  • 23th March, Ettore Recchi (CRIS)
  • 31th March, Anne Revillard (CRIS-LIEPP)
  • 21th April, Olof Östergen (Stockholm University), Inequality and COVID-19 in Sweden: Relative risks of nine negative life events, along four social gradients, in pandemic vs. pre-pandemic years
  • 28th April, Laurence Romani (Stockholm School of Economics), Shadowing recruitment processes in ‘inclusive’ organizations 
  • 5th May, Sigal Alon (Tel Aviv Univ.), The future of work in the Covid era [AxPo Joint Seminar]
  • 2nd June, Ashley Mears (Boston Univ.), How Algorithms Constrain Creative Labor: Lessons on Authenticity from a Viral Content Farm

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