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  • Katharina Tittel (CRIS)Katharina Tittel (CRIS)

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Katharina Tittel est affiliée au Medialab

Sujet de thèse - Dissertation Title

Framing Refugees : A Mixed Quantitative Approach to Understand Racialised Hierarchies in Refugees Portrayals

Directeurs de thèse : Ettore Recchi (Sciences Po - OSC) et Jean-Philippe Cointet (Sciences Po - Medialab)

Financement : Allocation doctorale de l'Institut Convergences Migrations (01/10/20-30/09/23)

As notions of self-reliance, entrepreneurship, and productivity have gained prominence in the portrayal of ‘the refugee’, a small body of critical literature has explored the effects of such narratives, including the potential establishment of racial hierarchies.
Using a large-scale dataset of press articles from different Western countries; official reports by actors in the international refugee regime; and behavioural traces of public interaction with these sources on social media, this research conducts a comparative multi-method analysis to examine how racialised hierarchies are (re-)produced in the framing of ‘the refugee’.
The project seeks to analyse whether the reliance on, and the reproduction of, hierarchies of race in the framing of refugees may mediate understandings of problem definitions, moral evaluations, or treatment recommendations for the ‘problem’ of ‘the refugee’.


  • 2023 (with Ettore Recchi), "The Empirical Study of Human Mobility: Potentials and Pitfalls of Using Traditional and Digital Data", In: E. Bertoni, M. Fontana, L. Gabrielli, S. Signorelli, M. Vespe (ed.), Handbook of Computational Social Science for Policy, Springer, p. 437-464. Available in Open Access
  • 2022, « Articles sur l’immigration diffusés sur Facebook : mentionner la nationalité influe sur le nombre de réactions », De facto migrations, n° 30, janvier, p.30-34. Defacto, numéro 30, en ligne 
  • 2020 (with Mirna Safi, Philippe Coulangeon, Emanuele Ferragina, Olivier Godechot, Emily Helmeid, Stefan Pauly, Ettore Recchi, Nicolas Sauger, Jen Schradie, and Andrew Zola), « La France confinée. Anciennes et nouvelles inégalités », In: Marc Lazar, Guillaume Plantin et Xavier Ragot (dir.), Le monde d'aujourd'hui. Les sciences sociales au temps de la Covid-19, Presses de Sciences Po, p. 95-116.
  • 2020 (with E. Recchi, E. Ferragina, O. Godechot, E. Helmeid, S. Pauly, M. Safi, N. Sauger, J. Schradie, A. Zola), "Living through Lockdown: Social Inequalities and Transformations during the COVID-19 Crisis in France", OSC Papers, n° 2020-1, July.

enseignements - teaching

  • 2020, Sciences Po, Inter-semester course from the 13th to the 17th January for Master & PhD Students, Workshop in digital methods for social sciences. Discursive dynamics in the press coverage of immigration (with Regular Instructors Vincent Antonin Lépinay & Jean-Philippe Cointet, and the contribution of Dimitrij Muller).
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