Ezgi Pinar & Matthew Soener

Ezgi Pinar & Matthew Soener

See(k)ing Authoritarianism Through Labour Regime | Sites and Sources of Financialization (2 talks)
OSC and MaxPo Seminar,16 November 2018
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 Joint Seminar OSC & MaxPo

98, rue de l'Université 75007 Paris - Annick Percheron room

Friday 16 November 2018, 11h - 13h

Ezgi Pinar (Research Fellow, MaxPo)

Matthew Soener (Postdoctoral Fellow, OSC & MaxPo)


See(k)ing Authoritarianism Through Labour Regime

Ezgi PinarThis talk is motivated by the need of understanding the dynamics of the authoritarianism discussions and by the need of pointing out conceptual and theoretical drawbacks of existing analyses. Authoritarianism has been on the research agenda of political scientists for a while now and Turkey attracts scholars in this respect. The discussions revolve around the state of emergency discussions and increasing security measures and repressive politics and rising of an authoritarian leader.  I will suggest to go beyond the super-structural analyses and look at the labour side of the issue to have an integrative analysis of the existing political regime in Turkey. Based on the this labour-oriented perspective, I would argue that the so-called authoritarianism in Turkey has a long-history soaring the state of emergency regime in Turkey.  Recalling conceptual and theoretical concerns to the regime discussions is fundamental aim of my research. Turkish case is utilized for the sake of these concerns as a current and internationally debated sample.

Ezgi Pinar is Visiting Researcher at Sciences Po, graduated from Istanbul University.

The Sites and Sources of Financialization: Accounting for the Financial Turn Among Non-Financial Companies Across 37 Countries

Matthew SoenerNon-Financial companies today devote more earnings to financial ends leaving fewer resources to productive investment and other stakeholders like workers. This “financialized” behavior carries many negative consequences. However, we do not know what concrete mechanisms explain it. I test why non-financial sector companies financialize with a novel firm-level database in 37 countries from 1991-2014. Additionally, I weigh in on whether financialization owes to national-level differences or firm-level dynamics.

Matthew Soener is Postdoctoral fellow, graduated from The Ohio State University.

Register is mandatory for external audience (bernard.corminboeuf@sciencespo.fr).

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