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Sciences Po has partnership agreements with 16 Canadian universities. Canada is the third most sought-after destination for Sciences Po Undergraduate College students studying abroad in their third year.

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The Paris School of International Affairs at Sciences Po (PSIA) is a member of the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA). APSIA brings together 60 schools from America, Asia and Europe, all of which are recognized for the quality of their teaching in international relations.

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Bachelor's programme focused on North America

The North America Programme at the Sciences Po Undergraduate College

Dual Bachelor's degree with the University of British Columbia

In 2011, Sciences Po and UBC launched a dual Bachelor's degree programme. It is the first dual degree awarded by UBC with a foreign university. Students spend two years in each university and graduate from both institutions.

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Graduate dual degree with the Munk School of Global Affairs, Toronto University

This two-year program combines the forces of the Sciences Po School of Public Affairs and the Munk School of Global Affairs to create a unique graduate programme combining a Master's in Public Policy and a Master of Global Affairs. 

Master's concentration on North America

The Paris School of International Relations at Sciences Po (PSIA) offers eight regional concentrations for Master's students. North American Studies is one of the concentrations available.

Exchange programme

Sciences Po welcomes university students on exchange from its Canadian partners every year. Sciences Po students also complete exchanges at these universities, either in their third undergraduate year or during their Master's programme.

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