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By supporting Sciences Po's mission and helping us educate diverse, responsible future leaders, you work with the university to transform society.

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  • To make a unique educational experience available to the most promising students, regardless of their location or social origins.  
  • To cultivate enlightened citizens and responsible professionals capable of bringing about change.  
  • To enhance understanding of an increasingly complex world.
  • Supporting Sciences Po means undertaking a mission of social responsibility that extends far beyond the institution itself.

For individuals and alumni

By supporting Sciences Po, you offer new generations the opportunity to take advantage of an educational programme that stands out for its originality and high academic quality.


In 2022, Sciences Po will celebrate its 150th anniversary. With this in mind, the institution is calling on all of its communities and partners in preparation for a new and ambitious fund-raising drive.

Your donation to Sciences Po allows you to claim tax benefits.

For companies

By supporting Sciences Po, you contribute to the education of young and promising graduates from diverse backgrounds  

Your support can take the form of a philanthropic gift, a partnership, a sponsorship initiative or payment of the French education tax (fr).

For public institutions

By supporting Sciences Po, you help the university fulfil its mission of providing education and research that serves the general interest.

Sciences Po: A centre for public debate

Equal opportunity and diversity programmeSciences Po strives to be both selective in its recruitment practices and open to all forms of talent. For the past 10 years, the university has been implementing a range of proactive measures to welcome the best students, regardless of social class, country of origin or disability.

Today, Sciences Po proudly boasts a student body of which nearly 30% receive financial support, 46% come from outside of France and students with all forms of disabilities are welcomed.

Grant programmes, a social aid policy, individual guidance: measures to support diversity and equal opportunities account for an annual investment of more than €5 million.


Companies, donors and institutional partners can join with Sciences Po to educate leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds, offering support for:


At Sciences Po, more than 200 faculty members in the fields of humanities and social sciences are studying the transformations at work in the modern world and the challenges they pose in areas such as public health, education, urban development, security, the environment and democracy all over the world.

With a firm focus on major challenges facing society, research conducted at Sciences Po fuels and enhances public debate.

Every year, Sciences Po devotes 35% of its budget to research.

By financing the development of chairs, the organisation of seminars and symposia, and the recruitment of researchers, donors and sponsors play a vital role in enhancing understanding of complex issues in today's world. 

Public and private partners can also meet strategic needs, including by commissioning research on a specific issue.   


Creating multilingual campuses, requiring a year abroad, introducing the arts, online courses, international negotiation simulations... Since its creation, Sciences Po has been a constant driver of innovation, helping new teaching methods emerge and prosper.  

This perpetual revision of teaching and research methods often involves risks and requires freedom and autonomy. Donors, private sponsors and public institutions thus provide active support for these initiatives.

Partners can work directly with a particular school or campus, oversee a collective project carried out by our students, or support the university's educational undertakings by reserving their education tax for Sciences Po


Spread throughout France on seven sites (Dijon, Le Havre, Menton, Nancy, Paris, Poitiers and Reims), Sciences Po's campuses increase the international appeal of our institution.  

Sponsors, and especially alumni, can contribute to renovating the historical and iconic heritage of their university, such as the building located at 9 Rue de la Chaise or the library located at 27 Rue Saint-Guillaume in Paris. Partners can also help finance work to make buildings accessible, contributing to the efforts of the Sciences Po Accessible programme.

Artillerie project

Create a campus reminiscent of Oxford in the heart of Paris: this is Sciences Po's goal with the acquisition of the Hôtel de l’Artillerie. The university aspires to move into the building in 2018, and this will be a central project for the upcoming fund-raising campaign.


The 2008-2013 fund-raising campaign

Between 2008 and 2013, the first Sciences Po fund-raising campaign brought in nearly €40 million thanks to the generosity of the institution's donors and partner companies.