Teaching Fellows (ATER) 2023-2024

Antoine Castet

Antoine CASTET (PhD, Paris I)

Research areas: Applied Microeconomics, Development Economics, Agricultural Economics

Email: antoine.castet@sciencespo.fr
Office: 5th floor

To learn more about Antoine Castet and his research, consult his website


Dániel GYETVAI (PhD, Sciences Po)

Research areas: Labour Economics

Email: daniel.gyetvai@sciencespo.fr
Office: 5th floor


Nourhan HASHISHNourhan HASHISH (PhD, Sciences Po)

Research areas: Applied Microeconomics, Political Economy, Labour Economics, Development Economics

Email: nourhan.hashish@sciencespo.fr
Office: 5th floor

Daniela HORTA


Research areas: Development Economics, Political Economy, Conflict

Email: daniela.hortasaenz@sciencespo.fr
Office: 5th floor 

To learn more about Daniela Horta Saenz and her research, consult her website  

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Adèle LEMOINE (PhD, Dauphine)

Research areas: Gender Economics, Family Economics, Health Economics
Email: adele.lemoine@sciencespo.fr

 To learn more about Adèle Lemoine and her research, consult her website



Rosanne LOGEART (PhD, PSE)

Research areas: Environmental Economics, Political Economy

Email: rosanne.logeart@sciencespo.fr
Office: 5th floor

To learn more about Rosanne Logeart and her research, consult her website

Valentin MARCHALValentin MARCHAL (PhD, Sciences Po) 

Research areas: Rational Bubbles, Macroeconomics

Email: valentin.marchal@sciencespo.fr
Office: 5th floor


Victor Saint-Jean
Victor SAINT-JEAN (PhD, Sciences Po)

Research areas: Sustainable Finance, Corporate Finance and Asset Pricing

Email: victor.saintjean@sciencespo.fr
Office: 5th floor

To learn more about Victor Saint-Jean and his research, consult his website


Zydney Wong

Zydney WONG (PhD, Sciences Po)

Research areas: Behavioural Economics, Linguistic-Oriented Economics

Email: zydney.wong@sciencespo.fr
Office: 5th floor

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