Paris Empirical Political Economy Seminar (PEPES)

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The Paris Empirical Political Economy Seminar is a monthly seminar series co-organised by the Department and the Paris School of Economics.

It is a forum for front-line research in applied political economy providing top international scholars in the field with the opportunity to present their work. The seminar also aims to provide a common platform in which researchers working in this field in the Paris area may come together.

Thursday - 12:30 - 14:00 (sandwiches are served to registered participants).

Please sign up on the google doc sheet.

Seminar organised by Benjamin MARX (Sciences Po) and Oliver VANDEN EYNDE (PSE).

Upcoming PEPES Seminar

fall semester 2021

September 23rd - Ruben DURANTE (ICREA - Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona)
The Impact of Online Competition on Local Newspapers: Evidence from the Introduction of Craigslist

September 30th - Dominic ROHNER (University of Lausanne)
Donor Attention and Civil Unrest in Africa

*PEPES Junior* October 14th - Antonela MIHO (PSE) and Vladimir AVETIAN (Sciences Po)
Small Screen, Big Echo? Estimating the political persuasion of local television news bias using Sinclair Broadcast Group as a natural experiment and
Consider the Slavs: Overt Discrimination and Racial Disparities in the Rental Housing

November 18th - Jeanet SINDING BENTZEN (University of Copenhagen)
In the Name of God! Religiosity and the Transition to Modern Growth

*PEPES Junior* December 16th - Etienne MADINIER (PSE) and Edgard DEWITTE (Sciences Po)
Explaining the Heterogeneous Effect of Internet on Elections and
The Historical Roots of Climate Change Denial

winter-spring semester 2022

March 17th - Mara SQUICCIARINI (Bocconi University)
Religiosity and Science: An Oxymoron? Evidence from the Great Influenza Epidemic

April 7th - Jared RUBIN (Chapman University)
Ideology and Economic Change: The Path to the Modern Economy in China and Japan

May 5th - Luis MARTINEZ (Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago)
Bourbon Reforms and State Capacity in the Spanish Empire

*PEPES Junior* May 12th - Ariane SALEM (University of Geneva) and Philine WIDMER (University of Saint Gallen)
En Route: The Colonial Origins of Francophone Africa's Emigration Patterns 
Propaganda Responds to Foreign News Access

May 19th - Gua XU (Berkeley Haas)
Strengthening State Capacity: Postal Reform and Innovation during the Gilded Age

June 7th - Samuel BAZZI (USC, San Diego)

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