Applied Microeconomics Seminar

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The Applied Microeconomics Seminar is a monthly seminar series organised in alternance with the PEPES seminar. Created in the Fall 2023, it presents applied work in labour, development, public finance, political economy and economic history.

Thursday, 12.30 to 2 PM.

The applied micro seminar is organised by Claire Montialoux.
Administrative correspondent: Maria Ohlund (email).

Upcoming applied micro seminar

fall semester 2023

September 21st - Clément MALGOUYRES (Paris School of Economics)
From Public Labs to Private Firms: Magnitude and Channels of R&D Spillovers

October 19th - Jack WILLIS (Visiting, on leave from Columbia)

*EXCEPTIONAL SCHEDULING* November 13th - Joseph ALTONJI (Yale)
Returns to Specific Graduate Degrees: Estimates Using Texas Administrative Records

November 30th - Nina ROUSSILLE (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

winter-spring 2024

Schedule coming soon !

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