Information for Current Students

PISA students have access to a wealth of information and services in support of your academic studies, your daily life and your extra-curricular interests. Specific support and services are available to students with special needs.

Academic Policies 

All important dates appear in the Academic Calendar.

PSIA students are subject to Sciences Po’s Academic Rules and Regulations, including the specific requirements for Master students outlined in Articles 35-45. Please review them carefully, in particular Article 44: Conditions for obtaining the Sciences Po Master degree.

PSIA students should be aware of Sciences Po’s Regulations on Student Life, and pay particular attention to the General Provisions described in Chapter 1 (also available in French). 

PSIA students must respect the rules of intellectual honesty at all times. 

  • Cheating. Unless otherwise indicated, the use of any documents or electronic devices is prohibited during exams and in-class tests. 
  • Plagiarism.  Plagiarism occurs when a student’s ideas as expressed in her work cannot be distinguished from those of other authors.
  • Anti-plagiarism software is used by PSIA professors. Students are normally required to submit their work in digital format.

Sciences Po’s Anti-plagiarism Regulation is they key reference to help you avoid any plagiarism, either conscious or unconscious, and to give details about the techniques in using references; please read it carefully.

PSIA has an established Student Assessment Policy (PDF) relating to the deadlines, extension requests and penalties for late submission of assessed work. 

general information


Students and recent graduates may download their official transcripts (in French and in English) directly from their online student space. Please contact the Academic Assistant of your Master's program for any question related to your grades.

Student complaints

Students who are dissatisfied with your experience at PSIA (including complaints about academic decisions; about a person; or about the administration), should first express their concerns to their Academic Advisor, in person or via email. In case this process does not resolve your complaint, or in case of urgent matters, please address your concerns directly to the Vice Dean of PSIA, by email.


Support for Online learning

A guide on distance learning is available to help you understand how the remote pedagogic experience is different from that of traditional learning, and to help students adapt the way you learn and the way you organise your work

All students have an individual secured Zoom account, which allows you to attend online classes and to create virtual meetings to exchange with your classmates. A series of online tutorials is available to explain how to use and take full advantage of your Zoom account.

Online Rules and Regulations

Students must commit to following specific rules when they connect to a remote class, including the need to Respect punctuality, confidentiality, and intellectual property.

These rules are detailed in the Remote Learning Guide on pages 5-6; please read them carefully. 

Online Library resources

Sciences Po library offers a wealth of resources online for students who need to review and use online journals, books or reviews. The Library organizes training sessions on how to use the online library services at the start of the academic year. For more information concerning online library resources and services, please visit the Sciences Po library website


At Sciences Po, every staff member is dedicated to both your academic fulfilment and your personal well being. Your PSIA Academic Advisor is your first point of contact to discuss curricular questions or personal issues. She is able to provide advice and/or connect you with the right service or person. 

Sciences Po offers a range of services in support of your daily life including:

Sciences Po’s Disability Support Service will ensure that any student with a temporary or permanent disability or disabling health condition will receive the necessary support and adjustments to complete your chosen programme and get fully involved in student life


The PSIA Student Association aims to create tight bonds between all PSIA students, by organizing events that will help you get to know each other, as well as allowing you to make the most of their studies in Paris.

Sciences Po offers more than 200 student associations to help students in their personal growth through artistic, athletic and civic activities. 

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