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International and National Dual Degrees

PSIA offers dual degree programs with 10 international universities and 4 French universities.

Most of these programs need to be applied for specifically as part of the Admissions process. Candidates can apply for only one dual degree program, but may also apply for one regular 2-year degree program at PSIA. Please find details about applying for dual degree programs.

The four dual degree programs with Luigi Bocconi, Saint-Cyr Coetquidan, AgroParisTech, ISAE-Supaero can only be applied for during the first year at PSIA, following admission to one of PSIA’s regular 2-year degree programs. Details about the application process to these four programs are provided on the relevant page.

PSIA’s Pedagogical Committee approved an amended degree structure for students starting PSIA degree programs in September 2020. Further details about the structural changes can be found here.

Dual degree programs at PSIA

Download the Program structure (PDF, 48 Kb).

Please click to see the degree requirements for PSIA students starting Dual Degree and Joint Degree Master programs in September 2022.

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International Partner Universities

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