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Master Programs

The PSIA curriculum combines conceptual foundations and current scholarship, with the most up-to-date operational training and best practices. World-renowned professors and leading practionners teach over 400 courses annually in the most salient fields of international affairs.

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Customise your professional profile

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Curriculum Overview

Our world is complex. PSIA is committed to adapting to this environment. We seek to train our students, the leaders of the future, about how to understand, navigate and engage with these complexities and changes by offering specialised knowledge, cutting-edge skills and practical learning experience.

The PSIA degree structure is organized as follow:

Courses offered in each Master specialisation become progressively more advanced each semester; 

Students are expected to devote five hours to independent, in-depth study for each hour they spend in the classroom. This is the formula to ensure mastery of their degree specialisation and expertise of their chosen concentration(s);

Please find below the general degree structure for a two-year program at PSIA:

The general degree structure for a two-year program at PSIA

Download the standard degree structure (PDF, 64 ko)

Please find below the degree structure for specific programs at PSIA:

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Please find the full list of courses offered at PSIA in 2023-2024. 

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Core Master Curriculum

Through its choice of Master degrees and Concentrations, PSIA offers a comprehensive yet diversified academic program of the highest international caliber. The first semester offers a selection of fundamental courses that all students take within the Master while the second and fourth semesters offer a large selection of courses in various sub-fields within the Master.

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PSIA offers students the opportunity to complement their Master specialisation with the choice of at least one Regional or Thematic Concentration.

All PSIA students must select one Concentration. [Please note: For students on the Master in International Governance and Diplomacy, the Diplomacy Concentration is already integrated into this degree so you do not need to select a first Concentration.

Students pursuing the standard two-year degree exclusively at PSIA must also :

Students pursuing a two-year program exclusively at PSIA must also choose to :

  1. Select a second Concentration, or
  2. Select the ‘enhanced’ Master option which allows them to take additional courses from those offered within their Master specialisation, or, if eligible, apply to take a Law School clinic
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Common core curriculum

Sciences Po’s  interdisciplinary Common Courses expose students to fundamental concepts and knowledge from across the social sciences as they apply to contemporary societies. They also enable students from across Sciences Po to come together in the same classroom. 

Please find more information about Sciences Po Common Core Curriculum.

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While English is the only language required to follow coursework at PSIA and the common language shared by all students, a number of courses are offered in French. PSIA offers intensive French language courses for students with limited proficiency. All students have the option to study one of 17 languages offered at Sciences Po's Language Centre according to their specific academic and professional objectives.

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Special Features

Special features consist of optional courses which complement the standard PSIA curriculum. PSIA students may enroll in one special feature course each semester. 

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Law School Clinics

The Law School Clinics are selective, year-long courses that provide valuable practical experience in the chosen field of study. They are offered to Sciences Po students, including those following specific certain PSIA Masters (Human Rights and Humanitarian Action, Environmental Policy, International Development) and concentrations (Migration, Project Management). Places within the Clinics are limited and therefore participation is based on a competitive selection process. 

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Third Semester Opportunities

The third semester at PSIA is entirely dedicated to professional development. PSIA students are offered three choices, depending on their career objectives:

Some funding opportunities are available to assist students who will complete their 3rd semester outside of France. Find out more about Mobility Grants.

Apprenticeship (or Alternance)

The Apprenticeship (or Alternance) provides students the chance to complete the second year of their Master’s by combining work and study. Students on the Apprenticeship option spend 3 days at the organization and 2 days at PSIA for a total of 35 hours per week throughout the entire year. 

The Apprenticeship option requires a C1 level in French and is only accessible to students enrolled in one of our 8 Master’s on the standard 2-year programme.  Apprenticeship places are limited and therefore participation is based on a competitive selection process.

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Grand Oral

The Grand Oral is a degree requirement for all 2-year Master students at Sciences Po.  For PSIA students, the Grand Oral will be based on their third semester experience.

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Degree Requirements for PSIA Students

Please click to see the degree requirements for PSIA students starting programs in September 2023.

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Preparation for the French administration exams

All students registered in their 2nd year of a Master program at Sciences Po are technically eligible to take the "Prépa-concours" track parallel to their Master's studies in order to prepare for the competitive French administration exams. Find out more about the Preparation for French administration exams (FR).

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