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Open-access computer rooms for students

Computers at your disposal

Two rooms located at 28, rue des Saints Pères

Sciences Po provides its students with two open-access computer rooms (no reservations):
H005 and H006, 28, rue des Saints-Pères (ground floor), each equipped with 20 computers.

The computer rooms are open during building opening hours (7:45am to 9pm: see building porters).

You can stay for as long as you need to; food and beverages are prohibited. Remember to close your session when you are finished. You may not lock your terminal when you leave.

Configuration of terminals

To open a session on an open-access computer you will need to use your login followed by "@sciencespo.fr": firstname.lastname@sciencespo.fr, and your password.

The terminals are equipped with Microsoft Office and Open Office suites, and web browsers (Internet Explorer and Firefox). For email, use Gmail (Google Apps). 

You can access Sciences Po digital applications reserved for on-campus use (for example, certain library resources) from these terminals.

Remember to take your files with you when you leave, either on your Drive (Google Apps) or on your USB key. All files are automatically erased from the terminals every day (each time the computers are restarted).


Each computer room is equipped with a multifunction copier for printing. Attention: Once launched, your print requests are only valid for a limited time. You must quickly log in at the copier terminal to execute the printing task.

Public terminals in the library

The library has 60 open-access computers (Apple and Windows PC), at the following locations:

  • 27, rue Saint-Guillaume
  • 1, place Saint-Thomas


Contact the Helpdesk if you experience any problems.