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Master in Advanced Global Studies

A one-year Master to fast-track your career in International Affairs

This one-year master program is designed for candidates with an undergraduate degree and minimum 5 years of full-time professional experience (by the time the program starts in August), seeking to immerse themselves in a challenging university environment and gain further expertise or new horizons in one of the cardinal fields of international affairs.

Key strengths

The Master in Advanced Global Studies provides:

  • An opportunity for early- and mid-career professionals to follow a one-year accelerated program in International Affairs;
  • The possibility to specialise in both a master's track and a concentration (regional or thematic);
  • Access to PSIA's regular broad and world-class curriculum offer, as well as dedicated and customised courses;
  • Future membership in the vast and active international network of Sciences Po and PSIA alumni.
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7 tracks, 18 concentrations and PSIA's offer of 400 courses

This accelerated program will allow students to take a full year out of their careers to specialise in one of the 7 existing tracks at PSIA:

Students in the Master in Advanced Global Studies will also specialise in a concentration program chosen from PSIA's rich offer of 18 regional and thematic concentrations.

MAGS Students will integrate into PSIA's wider student community representing over 110 nationalities, and have full access to PSIA curriculum comprising 400 individual courses a year. They will graduate after a full year of study.

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Dedicated courses and professional policy training

Students in the program will also be offered a series of dedicated courses and workshops designed to cover transversal skill-sets for early to mid-career professionals in international affairs. Students from all tracks of the MAGS program will take these workshops, thus creating space for further intellectual and professional exchange with peers from diverse backgrounds and sectors.

As part of this program, MAGS students have the rare opportunity to engage in a supervised group policy work whereby they research and formulate state of the art policy recommendations on a chosen global policy issue. The MAGS policy brief is a year long, team effort supervised by distinguished actors or academic professors. Through this exercise, students delve into the 360° process of public decision-making.

A full-time program in the heart of Paris

The one-year Master in Advanced Global Studies is a full-time program, running from late August to the end of June, and including a January intersession. Classes are taken in the heart of Paris, at Sciences Po's main campus in the St-Germain-des-Prés neighbourhood.

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Eligibility and admissions

Candidates with at least 5 years of professional experience and an undergraduate degree are invited to apply online. More infomation including the link to open an application is available on the dedicated one-year Master's Admissions website.

When opening their online application, candidates to the Master in Advanced Global Studies must ensure they select the "One-year master program"option within the initial "Choosing an Admissions procedure" page, as a very first step when applying. 

Tuition fees

The tuition fees for the one-year Master in Advanced Global Studies are indicated on this page.

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Should candidates wish to discuss the specific program and orientation of each of the 7 tracks, contact information for the relevant Academic Advisors can be found on the PSIA contact page.

Questions regarding admission to the program can be directed to Tingyu Li, Academic Advisor for the Master in Advanced Global Studies, or to Sciences Po's Admissions Department.

Information on tuition fees can be found on the dedicated Sciences Po page.