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Sciences Po on Parcoursup: Follow the guide

Parcoursup (credits: HJBC / Shutterstock)

Undergraduate applicants from French secondary schools must submit their applications to Sciences Po on the Parcoursup platform. Registration and choice of preferences are open from 17 January to 14 March, 2024. Here is a guide to your Parcoursup application.

NB : please note that the Parcoursup platform is only available in French

Who should apply on Parcoursup?

All candidates currently enrolled in study for the French Baccalaureate in a French secondary school, including diplomas such as the Abibac, Bachibac and Esabac, or the Mention Européenne or Option Internationale sections, in France or in a foreign country. Candidates from high schools participating in the Equal Opportunity Programme (CEP) should also apply on Parcoursup.

How to find Sciences Po’s programmes on the platform?

Follow our advice to make sure you find our programmes! If you just type “Sciences Po” on the Parcoursup search bar, our Bachelor’s degree programmes will not appear in the results.

This is the easiest route:

> Type “Institut d’études politiques de Paris” on the search bar. The nine Sciences Po Bachelor’s degree programmes, on our different campuses, will appear in the results.

> Or/and refer to our list of programmes and find their Parcoursup designation (FR).

How do I choose my preferences?

Note that in Parcoursup, you can choose two categories of preferences (“vœux”) for Sciences Po:

> One preference for the Bachelor’s degree programme. Selecting this preference will give you access to two sub-preferences (sous-voeux) from among the programmes offered on each of the Undergraduate College’s different campuses. Refer to our list of programmes and find their Parcoursup designation (FR).

> One or several preferences for a dual Bachelor’s degree programme with both international and French universities: Refer to our list of programmes and find their Parcoursup designation (FR).

On Parcoursup, you could be accepted in both the Bachelor’s degree programme and a dual Bachelor’s degree programme: if so, it is up to you to make the final decision on which programme you wish to join!

When should I apply? The main deadlines

  • From 17 January to 14 March, 2024: go on Parcoursup (FR) to register, choose your preference, and complete your application.
  • From 15 March to 3 April 2024: preferences confirmation and final completion of your application.
  • In the course of April/May 2024: your application will be examined by Sciences Po.
  • May 2024: interviews for candidates who obtained the necessary mark set by Sciences Po.
  • June 2024: admission results.

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