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Back to Campus: 5 Secrets of the Reims Campus

On Wednesday, 30 August, 573 first-year students were welcomed on the Reims campus by Mathias Vicherat, President of Sciences Po, Jeanne Lazarus, the new Dean of the Undergraduate College, Crystal Cordell, Campus Director, Maurice Gourdault-Montagne, former Ambassador of France and political adviser who gave the inaugural lesson, Arnaud Robinet, Mayor of Reims, Catherine Vautrin, President of Grand Reims, Jean-Marc Roze, 1st Vice-President of the Departmental Council of Marne and Franck Leroy, President of the Regional Council of Grand Est.

The Reims campus will welcome this 2023/2024 academic year more than 1,600 students. 49% of the student body comes from abroad, with 90 nationalities represented.

The Reims campus opened its doors in 2010 and hosts two minors: Africa and North America, in a comparative analysis approach with Europe. The campus has also been hosting since 2020 one of the four interdisciplinary double degrees in sciences and social sciences (Bachelor of Arts and Sciences - BASc) offered by Sciences Po. Entitled "Environment and sustainable society", this four-year bachelor's degree combining social sciences with life sciences is carried out in partnership with the University of Reims Champagne Ardenne.

Do you want to know the 5 secrets of the Reims campus history?

  1. The 16th-century vaults of the ancient kitchen serve as the perfect venue for the champagne tastings hosted by the campus Tasting Club.
  2. The former Jesuit library, which dates from 1619, a real architectural and historical gem with period woodwork from floor to ceiling, was surprisingly protected during the First World War: it was dismantled and brought to Paris before being resettled at the end of the Great War.
  3. 400-year-old vines grow on this campus located in the heart of the Champagne vineyards and produce verjuice clusters weighing almost three kilos!
  4. The Reims planetarium was installed on the campus site for more than thirty years, from 1979 to 2013.
  5. Two movies have been shot on campus: the biopic Widow Clicquot, directed by Thomas Napper (2023) as well as the movie La reine Margot directed by Patrice Chéreau (1994).

As a bonus, watch this video tour of the campus:

Cover image caption: Overview of the Reims campus with the famous Reims Cathedral in the background. (credits: Paul Rentler)


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