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10 Sciences Po Students at London School of Economics for the CIVICA European Week

Ten students from Sciences Po, representing various campuses, recently participated in the CIVICA European Week 2024, held at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) at the end of June 2024 on the topic of “Migration in a Changing Europe”. The event brought together 80 bachelor students from the leading European universities of the CIVICA alliance, 5 students from our Ukrainian partner universities, several expert lecturers, and tutors.

Learn more about their experience and flip through six pictures from their enriching trip!

At the Migrateful Cooking Demo.

The 10 Sciences Po students at the 2024 CIVICA European Week.

This year, the CIVICA European Week took place at LSE in London.

At the G20 simulation.

At the International Organisation for Migration.

At the Overseas Development Institute.

At the Migrateful Cooking Demo.

The 10 Sciences Po students at the 2024 CIVICA European Week.

    A week to understand the impact of migration in Europe

    The programme delved into critical issues surrounding cross-border and intra-state migration, exploring the challenges and responses needed from states, international organisations, and civil society. Our students engaged in insightful discussions, panel debates, and interactive workshops, enhancing their understanding of migration's impact on European societies.

    Highlights included thought-provoking lectures; the MERITA panel discussion on migration control; visits to research institutes and international organisations that work in the field of migration; self-guided tours of migration sites in London; and the Migrateful Cookery class with refugee and migrant chefs. The event culminated in a G20 simulation with the LSE European Institute, providing a dynamic platform for our students to apply their learnings in a practical context.

    We thank our students for their active participation and contributions, reflecting the values and academic excellence of Sciences Po. Their involvement in such significant events underscores our commitment to fostering global citizenship and interdisciplinary collaboration.

    Students testimonies

    Sofia Bartolini is an undergraduate student on the Menton Campus, “Politics and Government” Major:

    "The European week organised at LSE was an enriching and interesting experience. The topic of migration is definitely one of the most pressing issues in Europe right now, and having the opportunity to discuss it with students from other universities in the CIVICA network helped broaden my knowledge and perspective.

    Katharina Gummich is an undergraduate student on the Nancy Campus, “Political Humanities” Major:

    "One of the most memorable moments was probably the East London walking tour, where we engaged in conversations about politics of public spaces and experienced how migration and diverse cultural expressions shape and redefine the city. After my third year abroad, I am inspired to become a CIVICA ambassador to promote the unique exchange of ideas that CIVICA embodies."

    Sofia Houir is an undergraduate student on the Reims Campus, “Politics and Government” Major:

    "The week ended with a G20 simulation on the topic of climatic migrations and notably the creation of a definition for climatic refugees. It was an interactive way to raise this important topic while engaging further with the other participating students."

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