PhD Programmes

Learning research by doing research

The doctoral degree is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in teaching or research, but also in international organisations, advisory services, and businesses. The Sciences Po Doctoral School offers five programmes: law, economics, history, political science, and sociology.

A professor who graduated from the Doctoral School
Dr Folashadé Soule-Kohndou, graduate of the Doctoral School

Five PhD Programmes

The School of Research (ex-Doctoral School) accompanies students preparing a doctoral thesis in law, economics, history, political science, or sociology. The programme is structured around these topics to guide students as they become true experts in the selected discipline and specific field of research chosen for the thesis.

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Where do our graduates work?

65% of Sciences Po PhDs pursue teaching positions and research: 34% as university professors, 23% in research, and 8% in secondary education and university preparatory classes. 35% work in other sectors: consultancies, international organisations, businesses, etc.

The School of Research offers a world-class educational framework along with tailored professional integration services. PhD candidates work with internationally renowned thesis supervisors and benefit from personalised support in Sciences Po's research centres.

While the majority of PhD graduates pursue careers in academia, the research work and methodology they have undertaken makes their profiles highly valuable to public administrations, businesses and consulting firms, international organisations, and think-tanks.

International Mobility and Dual Degrees

PhD candidates may participate in conferences and research stays abroad. Partnerships with other institutions of higher education also offer a number of opportunities: for example, the three international dual doctoral degrees, the doctoral fellowships programme with seven leading North American universities, or the doctoral mobility programme with the London School of Economics, Columbia University, and the National University of Singapore.

  • disciplines
  • 350 PhD candidates
  • 700 publications per year
  • 70 theses per year
  • 230 researchers
  • 40% of PhD candidates are international students 


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