The urban theme discuss at the ECSR conference

The urban theme discuss at the ECSR conference

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Many sessions of the next conference of the European Consortium for Sociological Research (ECSR) are going to be about the urban dimension.

Every year, a conference is organised by the European Consortium for Sociological Research (ECSR). The purpose of this consortium, founded in 1991, is to promote theory-driven empirical research in sociology in Europe, particularly by encouraging cooperation between research centres. Currently, more than 90 leading European research institutes and university departments are members of the Consortium. 

This time, the conference is going to be at Sciences Po, from 29 to 31 October 2018 on the theme "Causes and Consequences of Inequalities in Europe”. It is co-organised by the Observatory of Social Change (OSC), the Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics (CEE) and the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Public Policies (LIEPP) of Sciences Po.

Therefore, Residential behavior and inequality, Housing regimes and intergenerational mobility, Spatial inequality and the school-to-work transition, Class Segregation at the Metropolitan Scale, Migrants integration and Ethnic minorities segregation are going to be discuss through sessions, papers and posters.

Carlo Barone & Tommaso Vitale, two teachers of the Sciences Po Urban School, have been active members of the Scientific Committee of the conference.

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