A MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) is a course on line, free and intended for all the people wishing to learn in a specific domain.

The Urban School offers currently three courses:

  • The MOOC Cities are back in town : in this course, Patrick Le Galès offers a conceptual and comparative approach to understanding urban models, how they are changing and the social and political issues they raise.
  • The MOOC Searching for the Grand Paris : this course realised by Urban School’s students, in partnership with the City of Paris and the Grand Public agency, handles questions and stakes bound to the development of Grand Paris.
  • The MOOC Data and Urban Governance : this course offered by the Cities and digital technology Chair of the Urban School of Sciences Po, handles questions about the impact of data and how city life is structured, as it influences coalitions, actors, instruments, policies, and forms of regulation.