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The Study Trips

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Go into the field and experience a collective enquiry: each year, our students go on study trip to grasp the economic, social, environmental, and cultural issues of the area and meet local stakeholders.

Students of the masters of Regional and Urban StrategyGoverning Ecological Transitions in European Cities and Urban Planning Programme travel to France or Europe. Those of the master in Governing the Large Metropolis go to a large metropolis.

The trips are a highlight of the course, for the richness of the input and the creation of links between students of the same class.

Rail travel is preferred whenever possible. In 2022, the students went to Barcelona, Frankfurt and Milan by train.

Discover our trips through videos made by the students:

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Study trip reports

A report is produced on the trips. These analyses form a rich source of knowledge and case studies for the entire Urban School.

Students decide the Report’s Table of contents and then work by team to assure the writing of the chapters, maps, charts and infographics, sketches and the layout of the book. Each year the editorial board is constituted only by students and the academic team assures tutoring and feedbacks.

Last published reports:

Find on the map above all the destinations studied as well as the study trip reports made by the students.

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Johan Nicolás Diaz, second year student: 

"Discussing with multiple actors was absolutely enriching, as it showed us diverse points of view on issues such as transportation and mobility, infrastructure development, housing, urban growth, urban revitalization, social and community fabric, and heritage preservation."

Yunqing Bi, graduate:

"The study trip to Dubai was an eye-opener and it gave me new ideas and perspectives on governance and culture. I had never been to the Middle East before that trip, so I found the visits and encounters really fascinating. It broadened my horizons about what a large metropolis is and the challenges they can face."