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The Urban School's Lab

The co-production of public knowledge by students and teachers is a guiding academic principle of the Urban School. We firmly believe that students learn more and better when they are engaged in building public knowledge for cities, territories and their actors. The Urban School's LAB, created in 2021, adheres to this objective and enhances our students’ work. It also positions the School as a facilitator of debate on what professional practice needs to do to better incorporate ecological and social transitions.

The LAB has three objectives:


Highlight our innovative educational systems, including the group projects which are the core of our academic model, as well as the professional situation scenarios, simulations, study trips, etc.


  • Initiate new inter-School collaborations at Sciences Po
  • Promote meetings between students, teachers, researchers, and the Urban School staff
  • Create new partnerships in France and abroad.


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Watch the Lab Launch - 27 August 2021 (FR)

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Bertrand Vallet, LAB Director