Change often starts locally, in cities, regions, municipalities, and neighborhoods, through start-ups, associations, local governments, PPPs, councils, and multi-level networks.
At the Urban School, we offer multidisciplinary and comparative training. We combine cutting-edge urban research from top professors with the latest professional thinking from urban professionals and change agents worldwide. We aim to train the new urban professionals who will design, manage, strategize, innovate, and advocate for the city of the future.

Build a just and sustainable urban future

Today, cities and regions face the most difficult challenges of the three significant changes underway: ecological, digital, and demographic transitions. 
Cities seek strong professionals to take responsibility for transport, water and sewage, biodiversity, public space, and affordable housing. Leaders who bring culture and conviviality to life tackle the problems of energy poverty and access to fresh food, reduce inequalities, and improve the quality of social and health services. Managers who implement a circular economy and neighbourhood revitalization, overcoming forms of gender and minority segregation and discrimination, creating quality jobs, organizing participation, and addressing the crisis in housing markets and the most brutal dynamics of violence.

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Urban School Lab Day 2023

New professions to reinvent places to live

At the Urban School, you will be engaged by solid interdisciplinary training, with a comparative approach, workshops, collective inquiries, policy briefs, and implementation strategies, coproducing actionable public knowledge to make a lasting impact on cities around the globe. Various learning tools will prepare you to manage projects and take on high professional responsibilities from the beginning of your career.

To achieve a positive impact on cities and regions, future professionals deep dive into an international, multicultural environment. The Urban School fosters dialogue between all cultures and approaches, thanks to a diverse educational community that embraces various countries and professions.

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Urban School Lab Day 2023

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