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Discover the last works and researchs of all the actors of the Urban School.

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Tommaso Vitale

Email: tommaso.vitale@sciencespo.fr

Research themes: Structural contexts of integration opportunities, Border control, Tensions between endogenous and exogenous mechanisms of urban change, Dissemination and legitimization mechanisms of racism, The voluntary sector lobbying and political influence on large metropolis governments, Roma and Sinti in European cities.

Last publication: Beyond ethnic solidarity: the diversity and specialisation of social ties in a stigmatised migrant minority

Section #marco-cremaschi

Marco Cremaschi

Email: marco.cremaschi@sciencespo.fr

Research themes: Large urban projects in comparative perspective, Urban agenda and European Union, Migrants and metropolises, Urban policies in the crisis;

Last publication: Ville du quart d’heure, ville des GAFA ? (FR)

Section #sukriti-issar

Sukriti Issar

Email: sukriti.issar@sciencespo.fr

Research themes: urban sociology, comparative policy, Cities in the developing world, Mumbai.

Last publication: Policy Change and Floor Space Index

Section #giacomo-parrinello

Giacomo Parrinello

Email: giacomo.parrinello@sciencespo.fr

Research themes: Urban environmental history, Disaster history, Water and river history, Energy history, Coastal history, History of Anthropocene, History of environmental knowledge.

Last publication: The retreat of the delta: a geomorphological history of the Po river basin during the twentieth century

Section #eric-verdeil

Éric Verdeil

Email: eric.verdeil@sciencespo.fr

Research themes: Political ecology of urban infrastructure.

Last publication: Governing Hybridized Electricity Systems: The Case of Decentralized Electricity in Lebanon

Section #charlotte-halpern

Charlotte Halpern

Email: charlotte.halpern@sciencespo.fr

Research themes: Public action, Urban sociology, Public policies, Social movements, European Union.

Last publication: La sobriété, une idée en pleine croissance (FR)

Section #nordine-kireche

Nordine Kireche

Email: nordine.kireche@sciencespo.fr

Research themes: Real estate, Housing policies (national and local), Financing/financialization of real estate, Investments in residential real estate, Housing in major metropolitan areas.

Last publication: Dans les métropoles françaises, un parc locatif capté par des "particuliers professionnalisés" (FR)

Section #patrick-le-gales

Patrick Le Galès

Email: patrick.legales@sciencespo.fr

Research themes: Public action, European Union, Local policy, Urban sociology, Public policies, Large metropolises.

Last publication: Castells, Cities and the Network Society: Formidable Ambition, Great Intuitions, Selective Legacy

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