Section #professeurs-affilies

The Urban School has 2 boards:

  • The educational council has the mission to be consulted on the preparation of the educational models, the creation and the organization of the courses, as well as the follow-up of the progress of the schooling.
  • The strategic council allows to define the ambitions and the projects of the school.
Section #conseil-pedagogique
Members in 2022/2023

President of the Pedagogical council, Dean: Tommaso VITALE

Executive director: Ilaria MILAZZO

Representative of the Studies and Academic Affairs: Sergueï GOURIEV and Myriam DUBOIS-MONKACHI

Academic advisors:

  • Pauline EMILE-GEAY (GLM)
  • Irène MBOUMOUA (STU)
  • Bertrand VALLET (Urban planning programme)

Academic directors:

  • Marco CREMASCHI (Master of Urban Planning)
  • Sukriti ISSAR (Governing the Large Metropolis)
  • Giacomo PARRINELLO (Governing Ecological Transitions in European Cities)
  • Eric VERDEIL (Regional and Urban Strategy / Urban Policy)
  • Tommaso VITALE (Double master Comparative Urban Governance)
  • Charlotte HALPERN (Executive master Gouvernance territoriale et développement urbain)
  • Nordine KIRECHE (Executive master Stratégie et finance de l'immobilier durable)

Members of departments

  • Law: Sébastien PIMONT
  • Economy: Floran OSWALD
  • History: 
  • Political science: Helene THIOLLET
  • Sociology: Marco OBERTI

Professional members of the teaching teams

  • Regional and Urban Strategy /Urban Policy: Benoit BICHET
  • Governing the Large Metropolis: Cécile HUET
  • Urban planning programme: Laure CECCARELLI-LE GUEN
  • Governing Ecological Transitions in European Cities: Vincent VIGUIÉ

Students representatives

  • Sciences Po Urba Association: Céline DIAS
  • InSitu Association: President, Carla Picot
  • 4 students delagates:
    • Urban and Regional Strategy / Urban Policy / STU CEDUA: Camille DUBART
    • Governing the Large Metropolis / GLM CEDUA: Aissatou MBAYE
    • Governing Ecological Transitions in European Cities: Virgile PÜTZ
    • Urban planning programme: Mathilde FAURE
Section #conseil-strategique
Members in 2022/2023
  • Jean-Marc OFFNER, President of the Strategic Council 
  • Mathias VICHERAT, President of Sciences Po 
  • Tommaso VITALE, Dean of the Urban School
  • Ilaria MILAZZO, Executive Director of the Urban School 
  • Gaëlle ANDRO, Local Councillor 
  • Benjamin CADRANEL, General Manager of citydev.brussels 
  • Sébastien CHAMBE, Deputy Director-General for Urban Planning and Mobility of the Métropole de Lyon
  • Christophe CHEVALLIER, Urban project manager, France and Urba international, AREP 
  • Joan CLOS, Expert, former Mayor of Barcelona and former Executive Director of UN-Habitat 
  • Emmanuelle COSSE, President of USH
  • Aude DEBREIL, CEO of the EPA Sénart 
  • Karima DELLI, Chair of the European Parliament Committee on Transport and Tourism 
  • Geneviève FERONE, President of Casabee 
  • Nicolas FERRAND, CEO of SOLIDEO, the Olympic Works Society 
  • Brigitte FOUILLAND, Sciences Po, former Executive Director of the Urban School 
  • Audrey GUIRAL-NAEPELS, Deputy Manager of the Urban Development, Development and Housing Department, AFD 
  • Lamia KAMAL CHAOUI, Director of the OECD Center for entrepreneurship, SMEs, regions and cities 
  • Mathieu KLEIN, Mayor of Nancy 
  • Olivier LANDEL, General Delegate of France urbaine 
  • Philippe LAURENT, Mayor of Sceaux 
  • Cécile LECLAIR, CEO of Avise 
  • David MANGIN, Architect and Urban Planner, Grand Prix de l’urbanisme 2008 
  • François-Antoine MARIANI, Deputy CEO for City Policy, ANCT 
  • Uli PAETZEL, President of EGLV, a public sector entity of water management in Essen 
  • Stefania PARIGI, CEO of ADOMA 
  • Géraldine PFIELGER, Professor of urban policies and environment at the University of Geneva
  • Edouard PHILIPPE, Mayor of Le Havre
  • Antoine PICON, Professor of History of Architecture and Technology at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design
  • Jean-Luc POIDEVIN, Expert and former Head of Nexity Cities and Projects 
  • Benoît QUIGNON, Consultant and former Chief Executive of Marseille 
  • Michèle RAUNET, Associated Notary at Chevreux Notaire
  • Carine ROBERT, Managing Director in charge of Urban Synergies at Icade
  • Aurélien ROUSSEAU, Director of the French Prime Minister Office
  • Cristina TAJANI, President of ANPAL Servizi
  • Sébastien TREYER, CEO of IDDRI 
  • Pierre VELTZ, President of the IHEDATE Strategic Council, Grand Prix de l’urbanisme 2017