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Paris Empirical Political Economy Seminar (PEPES)

The Paris Empirical Political Economy Seminar is a monthly seminar series co-organised by the Department and the Paris School of Economics.

It is a forum for front-line research in applied political economy providing top international scholars in the field with the opportunity to present their work. The seminar also aims to provide a common platform in which researchers working in this field in the Paris area may come together.

Thursday - 12:30 - 14:00 (sandwiches are served to registered participants).

Seminar organised by Roberto GALIBIATI (Sciences Po) and Oliver VANDEN EYNDE (PSE).

Upcoming PEPES Seminar


*CANCELLED* September 14th - Pedro SOUZA (Queen Mary University of London)
De-Escalation Technology: The Impact of Body-Worn Cameras on Citizen-Police Interactions

October 12th - Alberto BISIN (New York University)
Marriage, Fertility, and Cultural Integration in Italy

October 19th - Pedro SOUZA (Queen Mary University of London)
De-Escalation Technology: The Impact of Body-Worn Cameras on Citizen-Police Interactions

November 9th - Christine BINZEL (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Institute of Economics)
The Protestant Reformation and the Transformation of Society: The Rise of the Vernacular

November 23rd - Saumitra JHA (Stanford Business School)
Markets under Siege: How Political Beliefs Move Financial Markets

December 7th - Jonathan Ro'ee LEVY (Eitan Berglas School of Economics)
Decomposing the Rise of the Populist Radical Right


March 7th - Caroline LE PENNEC (HEC Montréal)
Keep your Enemies Closer: Strategic Platform Adjustments during U.S. and French Elections

April 25th - Marta REYNAL-QUEROL (UPF)
The Colonial Origins of State Capacity: Evidence from Spanish Conquerors in Latin America

June 6th - Aurélie OUSS (Visiting Faculty, UPenn)
Conviction, Incarceration, and Recidivism: Understanding the Revolving Door
*Joint with Applied Microeconomics Seminar: to meet the speaker, please fill out PEPES Google form*

June 13th - Awa Ambra SECK (Harvard)
En Route: The French Colonial Army, Emigration, and Development in Morocco

September 29th - Noam YUCHTMAN (LSE)
Exporting the Surveillance State via Trade in AI

October 13th - Elias PAPAIOANNOU (London Business School)
Forced Displacement and Human Capital

October 20th - Monica MARTINEZ-BRAVO (CEMFI)
The Management of the Pandemic and its Effects on Trust and Accountability

December 1st -  Arianna ORNAGHI (Hertie School)
Media Consolidation

*POSTPONED* Wednesday, March 8th - Micaela SVIATSCHI (Princeton)

*EXCEPTIONAL SCHEDULING* Wednesday, April 5th - David YANG (Harvard)
Policy Experimentation in China: the Political Economy of Policy Learning

April 20th - Torsten PERSSON (IIES)
The Political Economics of Green Transitions

June 1st - Stelios MICHAPOULOS (Brown University)

June 8th - Alexey MAKARIN (MIT)
Production Networks and War: Evidence from Ukraine

*EXCEPTIONAL SCHEDULING* Wednesday June 28th - Jacob MOSCONA (Harvard, MIT)
Inappropriate Technology: Evidence from Global Agriculture

Fall Semester

September 23rd - Ruben DURANTE (ICREA - Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona)
The Impact of Online Competition on Local Newspapers: Evidence from the Introduction of Craigslist

September 30th - Dominic ROHNER (University of Lausanne)
Donor Attention and Civil Unrest in Africa

*PEPES Junior* October 14th - Antonela MIHO (PSE) and Vladimir AVETIAN (Sciences Po)
Small Screen, Big Echo? Estimating the political persuasion of local television news bias using Sinclair Broadcast Group as a natural experiment and
Consider the Slavs: Overt Discrimination and Racial Disparities in the Rental Housing

November 18th - Jeanet SINDING BENTZEN (University of Copenhagen)
In the Name of God! Religiosity and the Transition to Modern Growth

*PEPES Junior* December 16th - Etienne MADINIER (PSE) and Edgard DEWITTE (Sciences Po)
Explaining the Heterogeneous Effect of Internet on Elections and
The Historical Roots of Climate Change Denial

Winter-Spring Semester 

March 17th - Mara SQUICCIARINI (Bocconi University)
Religiosity and Science: An Oxymoron? Evidence from the Great Influenza Epidemic

April 7th - Jared RUBIN (Chapman University)
Ideology and Economic Change: The Path to the Modern Economy in China and Japan

May 5th - Luis MARTINEZ (Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago)
Bourbon Reforms and State Capacity in the Spanish Empire

*PEPES Junior* May 12th - Ariane SALEM (University of Geneva) and Philine WIDMER (University of Saint Gallen)
En Route: The Colonial Origins of Francophone Africa's Emigration Patterns and
Propaganda Responds to Foreign News Access

May 19th - Gua XU (Berkeley Haas)
Strengthening State Capacity: Postal Reform and Innovation during the Gilded Age

*Exceptional scheduling* June 7th - Samuel BAZZI (USC, San Diego)
The Other Great Migration: Southern Whites and the New Right

Fall Semester 2020

November 12th - Marta REYNAL-QUEROL (Barcelona GSE)
Colonization, Early Settlers and Development: The Case of Latin America

November 26th - Maria PETROVA (Barcelona GSE)
Automation, Career Values, and Political Preferences

December 17th - Paola GIULIANO (UCLA)
The Seeds of Ideology: Historical Immigration and Political Preferences in the United States

Winter-Spring Semester 2021

March 11th - Mathieu COUTTENIER (ENS Lyon)
The Economic Costs of Conflict: A Production Network Approach

*Joint seminar with Bocconi* March 23rd - Matthew GENTZKOW (Stanford)
Digital Addiction

April 29th - Raul SANCHEZ DE LA SIERRA (Chicago Harris)
The Forging of a Rebel

June 3rd - Michael CALLEN (London School of Economics)
Does Revolution Work? Evidence from the Birth of Nepal's Federal Democracy

September 19th - Marco TABELLINI (Harvard)
From Immigrants to Americans: Race and Assimilation During the Great Migration

September 26th - James SNYDER (Harvard)
The Growth of Campaign Advertising in the U.S., 1880 to 1930

November 14th - Julien LABONNE (Oxford)
Making Policies Matter: Voter Response to Campaign Promises

November 21st - Brian KNIGHT (Brown University)
Opposition Media, State Censorship, and Political Accountability: Evidence from Chavez's Venezuela

*CANCELLED* March 12th - Samuel BAZZI (Boston University)

*POSTPONED* March 19th - Marta REYNAL-QUEROL (Barcelona GSE)

*POSTPONED* April 2nd - Mike CALLEN (UC San Diego)

*POSTPONED* May 7th - Maria PETROVA (Barcelona GSE)

*CANCELLED* May 28th - Joachim VOTH (University of Zürich)