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Paris Trade Seminar

The Paris Trade Seminar series presents recent works by French and foreign scholars about International trade and its frontiers with other fields. The seminar has become a major meeting point for trade economists in Paris. It is scheduled so as to ensure that participants and the guest speaker may pursue informal discussions at the end of the seminar. 

Tuesday - 14:45 - 16:00. 

Seminar organised by Johannes BOEHM (Sciences Po) and Mathieu Parenti (PSE). 

Upcoming Paris Trade Seminar


September 19th - David NAGY (CREI - Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
The Death and Life of Great British Cities

October 3rd - Peter EGGER (ETH Zürich)
How Uncertainty Shapes the Spatial Economy

October 17th - Mathieu TASCHEREAU-DUMOUCHEL (University of Cornell)
Endogenous Production Networks under Supply Chain Uncertainty

November 7th - Esther Ann BOLER (Imperial College Business School)
Strapped for Cash: The Role of Financial Constraints for Innovating Firms

November 21st - Lin TIAN (INSEAD)
Field of Study, Career Choice, and Globalization

December 5th - Banu DEMIR PAKEL (Oxford)
Plastic Turkey: International Leakages of China's Waste Contamination Policy


February 27th - Swati DHINGRA (LSE, Bank of England)
Citizen Training and the Urban Waste Footprint

March 12th - Ferdinand RAUCH (University of Heidelberg)
Identifying Agglomeration Shadows: Long-run Evidence from Ancient Ports

March 26th - Paola CONCONI (Oxford)
A Political Disconnect? Evidence From Voting on EU Trade Agreements

April 23rd - Martina MAGLI (LMU)
Should We Stay or Should We Go? Firms' Adjustments to Trade Shocks

May 7th - Matt GRANT (Dartmouth)
Markups and Markdowns in the French Dairy Market

May 21st - Reka JUHASZ (University of British Columbia)
The Who, What, When, and How of Industrial Policy: A Text-Based Approach

September 20th - Yuhei MIYAUCHI (Boston University)
Spatial Production Networks

October 4th - Isabela MANELICI (LSE)
Responsible Sourcing? Theory and Evidence from Costa Rica

October 18th - Dimitrije RUZIC (INSEAD)
Factor-Biased Outsourcing: Implications for Capital-Labor Substitution

November 15th - Ralph OSSA (University of Zürich)
Trade, Growth, and Patenting: A Quantitative Evaluation of TRIPS

November 29th - Nicholas KOZENIAUSKAS (Bank of Portugal)
Demand Learning, Customer Capital, and Exporter Dynamics

*POSTPONED* December 13th - Marta SANTAMARIA (University of Warwick)

February 14th - Angelo ZAGO (University of Verona)
Quality, Collective Reputation and International Trade in Wines

March 14th - Marta SANTAMARIA (University of Warwick)
Community Networks and Trade

March 28th - Kirill BORUSYAK (University College London)
Understanding Migration Responses to Local Shocks: Theory and Evidence from the United States

April 11th - Angelos THEODORAKPOULOS (Aston Business School)
Intangibles within Firm Boundaries

May 9th - Alessandro SFORZA (University of Bologna)
Credit Shocks and Firms’ Organization

May 23rd - Daniel XU (Duke University)
Regulating Conglomerates in China : Evidence from an Energy Conservation Program

*CANCELLED* June 6th - Ina SIMONOVSKA (University of California at Davis)

June 13th - Tibor BESEDES (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Trade Integration and the Fragility of Trade Relationships: Theory and Empirics

June 27th - John MORROW (King's College London)
Firms in Product Space: Adoption, Growth, and Competition

Fall Semester

September 21st - Basile GRASSI (Visiting, on leave from Bocconi)
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Markup Estimation

October 5th - Isabelle MEJEAN (Sciences Po)
Supply shocks in supply chains: Evidence from the early lockdown in China

October 19th - Sebastian STUMPNER (Banque de France)
From Macro to Micro : Heterogeneous Exporters in the Pandemic

November 16th - Banu Demir PAKEL (Bilkent University)
O-Ring Production Networks

November 30th - Andrea ARIU (University of Milan)
On the Mystery of the Missing Trade in Services

*CANCELLED* December 14th - Jan BAKKER (Bocconi)
Cities, Heterogeneous Firms, and Trade

Winter-Spring Semester

February 8th - Andrei A. LEVCHENKO (HEC Lausanne, on leave from University of Michigan)
The Long-Term Effects of Industrial Policy

March 8th - Jan BAKKER (Bocconi University)
Cities, Heterogeneous Firms and Trade

March 15th - David DORN (University of Zurich)
No Help for the Heartland? The US Employment Effects of the Trump Tariffs

April 5th - Natalie CHEN (University of Warwick)
Markups, Quality, and Trade Costs

April 19th - Giordano MION (ESSEC Business School)
Dream Jobs in a Globalized Economy: Wage Dynamics and International Experience

*CANCELLED* May 17th - Emily BLANCHARD (Dartmouth)

May 31st - Sharat GANAPATI (Georgetown University)
Urban Welfare: Tourism in Barcelona

June 14th - Valerie SMEETS (University of Aaarhus)
High-Skill Immigration, Offshore R&D, and Firm Dynamics

June 28th - Claudia STEINWENDER (LMU)

Fall Semester

September 15th – Holger BREINLICH (University of Surrey)
Gravity with Granularity

September 29th – Lisandra FLACH (LMU Munich)
Corporate Taxes and Multi-Product Exporters: Theory and Evidence from Trade Dynamics

October 13th – Davide SUVERATO (ETH Zürich)
Market Power and Wage Inequality in the Global Economy

November 10th – Cécile GAUBERT (Visiting, on leave from UC Berkeley)
Place-Based Redistribution

November 24th – Maria GUADALUPE (INSEAD)
The Perfect Match: Assortative Matching in Mergers and Acquisitions

December 8th – Facundo ALBORNOZ (University of Nottingham)
Firm Export Responses to Tariff Hikes

Winter-Spring Semester

February 16th – Philippe MARTIN (Sciences Po)
Trade Imbalances and the Rise of Protectionism

March 2nd – Michael PETERS (Yale)
European Immigrants and the United States' Rise to the Technological Frontier

March 16th – Arnaud COSTINOT (MIT)
International Trade and Earnings Inequality: A New Factor Content Approach

March 30th – Gianmarco OTTAVIANO (Bocconi)
The Backlash Against Globalization

April 13th – Jan EECKHOUT (UPF Barcelona)
Market Power and Wage Inequality

April 27th – Julien MARTIN (UQAM)
Buyer-Seller Networks and Price Dynamics in International Trade

May 11th – Alessandra BONFIGLIONI (Queen Mary University of London)
Robots, Offshoring and Welfare

May 25th – Paola CONCONI (ECARES, ULB)
Trade Protection Along Supply Chains

June 1st – Thomas CHANEY (Sciences Po)
The Immigrant Next Door: Exposure, Generosity, and Prejudice

June 8th – Maarten BOSKERS (Erasmus University of Rotterdam)
Desarrollo alternativo: the Sensitivity of Colombian Coca Production to Legal Commodity Price Shocks

June 22nd – Peter EGGER (ETH Zürich)
Empirical Productivity Distributions and International Trade

Fall Semester

September 24th Pamela MEDINA QUISPE (Toronto)
Capital-Reallocation Frictions and Trade Shocks

October 8th - Paula BUSTOS (CEMFI)
Capital Accumulation and Structural Transformation

October 15th - Gene GROSSMAN (Princeton)
The 'New' Economics of Trade Agreements: From Trade Liberalization to Regulatory Convergence?

October 22nd - Carolina VILLEGAS SANCHEZ (ESADE)
Foreign Investment and Domestic Productivity: Identifying Knowledge Spillovers and Competition

November 5th - Wolfgang KELLER (University of Colorado Boulder)
Globalization, Gender and the Family

November 19th - Ben FABER (Berkeley)
Scaling Agricultural Policy Interventions: Theory and Evidence from Uganda

December 3rd - Monika MRAZOVA (University of Geneva)
IO for Export(s)

December 17th - Eddy BEKKERS (WTO)
The Welfare Effects of Trade Policy Experiments in Quantitative Trade Models: the Role of Solution Methods and Baseline Calibration

Winter-Spring Semester

February 4th - Paolo GIORDANI (LUISS University, Rome)
Unintended Consequences: Can the Rise of the Educated Class Explain the Revival of Protectionism?

March 3rd - Peter EGGER (ETH Zürich)
Decomposing the Economic Effects of Transport Infrastructure

*POSTPONED* March 17th - Sharat GANAPATI (Georgetown University)

*POSTPONED* March 31st - Maria GUADALUPE (Visiting faculty, on leave from INSEAD)

*POSTPONED* April 28th - Julian DI GIOVANNI (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)

*POSTPONED* May 12th - Kyle HANDLEY (University of Michigan)

May 26th - Harald FABINGER (University of Mannheim) 
Trade and Domestic Policies under Monopolistic Competition

*POSTPONED* June 9th - Emily BLANCHARD (Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College)

June 23rd - Tibor BISEDES (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Unfriendly Skies: The Impact of Increases in Distance on Bilateral Trade