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Structural Seminar

The Structural Seminar* focuses on research that combines methodological and empirical components, with topics in industrial organisation, urban, labour and applied microeconomics. It invites leading international scholars in these fields to present their recent work and creates a forum to promote and exchange ideas. Faculty and students from all fields are welcome to the seminar. Individual meetings scheduled during the day provide further opportunity to engage with the speaker.

The Structural Seminar is bimonthly and held on Tuesday, from 3:15 to 4:30 PM.

Scientific organisers: Marleen MARRA and Junnan HE.
Administrative correspondent: Lucie DESMARAUT (email)

*NEW* If you would like to schedule an appointment with our guest speaker, register online (Google form)

*From Winter 2020 to Winter 2023, the seminar was called  the Empirical IO / Microeconometrics Seminar.

Upcoming Structural Seminar


September 5th - Milena ALMAGRO (Chicago Booth)
Optimal Urban Transportation Policy: Evidence from Chicago

September 12th - Gabriel AHLFELDT (London School of Economics)
The Skyscraper Revolution: Global Economic Development and Land Savings

September 26th - Eric FRENCH (University of Cambridge)
Intergenerational Altruism and Transfers of Time and Money: A Life Cycle Perspective

October 10th - Bryan GRAHAM (University of California at Berkeley)
Scenario Sampling for Large Supermodular Games

*CANCELLED* November 14th - Denisa MINDRUTA (HEC Paris)
The Added Value of Women in the Board: Evidence from Two-Sided Matching under Gender Quota

November 28th - Sam ALTMANN (PSE)
Choice, Welfare, and Market Design: An Empirical Investigation of Feeding America’s Choice System

December 12th - Giulia BRANCACCIO (New York University)
Investment in Infrastructure and Trade: The Case of Ports


March 5th - Ao WANG (University of Warwick)
A BLP Demand Model of Product-Level Market Shares with Complementarity

March 19th - Daniel STURM (LSE)
Neighborhood Effects: Evidence from Wartime Destruction in London

April 2nd - Panle BARWICK (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Drive Down the Cost: Learning by Doing and Government Policy in the Global Electric Vehicle Battery Industry

*CANCELLED* April 30th - Che-Yuan LANG (University of Uppsala)
Taxes and Household Labor Supply: Estimating Distributional Effects of Nonlinear Prices on Multidimensional Choice


*POSTPONED* May 27th - Denisa MINDRUTA (HEC Paris)
The Added Value of Women in the Board: Evidence from Two-Sided Matching under Gender Quota

September 13th - Fabiano SCHIVARDI (LUISS University)
Are Executives in Short Supply? Evidence from Death Events
*exceptionally online*

September 27th - Giacomo CALZOLARI (European University Institute)
Artificial Intelligence, Algorithmic Recommendations and Competition

October 11th - Liyang SUN (CEMFI)
Empirical Welfare Maximization with Constraints

November 8th - Dmitry ARKHANGELSKY (CEMFI) 
Double-Robust Two-Way-Fixed-Effects Regression For Panel Data

November 22nd - Laura GRIGOLON (University of Mannheim)
Stigma as a Barrier to Treatment and Adoption of Innovation

*CANCELLED* December 6th - Bryan GRAHAM (University of California at Berkeley)

February 21st - Alice MESNARD (City University of London)
Temporary Foreign Work Permits: Honing the Tools to Defeat Human Smuggling

March 7th - Cailin SLATTERY (Columbia University)
Market Structure and Political Influence in the Auto Retail Industry

March 21st - Gaurab ARYAL (Washinton University in Saint Louis)
Auctioning Annuities

*CANCELLED* April 4th - Juanma CASTRO-VINCENZI (Princeton)
Climate Hazards and Resilience in the Global Car Industry

May 9th - Alessandro IARIA (University of Bristol)
Identification and Estimation of Demand Models with Endogenous Product Entry

May 16th - Juanita GONZALEZ-URIBE (London School of Economics)
The Broader Impact of Venture Capital on Innovation: Reducing Entrepreneurial Constraints Through Due-Diligence

May 30th - Shuang ZHANG (Imperial College London)
Do Consumers Distinguish Fixed Cost from Variable Cost? “Schmeduling” in Two-Part Tariffs in Energy

September 14th - Kei KAWAI (Berkeley)
Using Bid Rotation and Incumbency to Detect Collusion: A Regression Discontinuity Approach

September 28th - Frank VERBOVEN (Leuven University)
Private Monopoly and Restricted Entry: Evidence from the Notary Profession

October 12th - Stéphane BONHOMME (Chicago)
Production and Collaboration in Networks: An Empirical Framework

November 9th - Jeremy FOX (Rice University)
Measuring the Welfare Gains from Cardinal-Preference Pseudomarkets in School Choice

November 23rd - Federico CILIBERTO (University of Virginia)
An Event Study Approach to Valuing Pharmaceutical Drugs

*FRIDAY* December 10th - Isabelle PERRIGNE (Rice University) and Quang VUONG (NYU)
Multidimensional Auctions of Contracts: An Empirical Analysis
*exceptional scheduling*

March 15th - Nikhil AGARWAL (MIT)
Demand Analysis under Latent Choice Constraints

March 29th - Nicholas PAPAGEORGE (John's Hopkins University)
Genetic Endowments, Income Dynamics, and Wealth Accumulation Over the Lifecycle

April 12th - Kevin WILLIAMS (Yale School of Management)
Organizational Structure and Pricing: Evidence from a Large U.S. Airline

May 10th - Suphanit PIYAPROMDEE (University College London) 
The Minimum Wage Effects on Earnings and Sorting: A Wage-Mobility Discrete Type Approach

May 24th - Vishal KAMAT (Visiting Faculty on leave from Toulouse School of Economics) 
Estimating Welfare Effects in a Nonparametric Choice Model: The Case of School Vouchers

September 22nd - Estelle CANTILLON (ULB, TSE)
What is price discovery achieving in the New Zealand electricity market ?

October 6th - Marc IVALDI (EHESS, TSE)
Platform Mergers: Lessons from a Case in the Digital TV Market

October 20th - Jaap ABBRING (Tilburg University)
Identifying Present-Biased Discount Functions in Dynamic Discrete Choice Models

November 3rd - Xavier D'HAULTFŒUILLE (CREST-ENSAE)
Estimating the Gains (and Losses) of Revenue Management

November 17th - André VEIGA (Imperial College Business School)
Quality Information and Competitive Selection in Health Care

December 1st - Michaela TINCANI (UCL)
How do beliefs shape the impacts of preferential admissions on student outcomes?

March 9th - George-Levi GAYLE (WUSTL)
What Accounts for the Racial Gap in Time Allocation and Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital?

March 23rd - Michael P. LEUNG (USC)
Network Cluster-Robust Inference

April 6th - Robin LUMSDAINE (AU)
Estimation of Panel Group Structure Models with Structural Breaks in Group Memberships and Coefficients

April 20th - Brad LARSEN (Stanford)
Dynamic Competition in the Era of Big Data

May 4th - Christian BONTEMPS (TSE, ENAC)
Price Competition and Endogenous Product Choice in Networks: Evidence from the U.S. Airline Industry

May 18th - Myrto KALPOUTSIDI (Harvard)
Search Frictions and Efficiency in Decentralized Transport Markets

June 1st - Katja SEIM (Yale)
Welfare Consequences of Nominal Excise Taxation

February 11th - Christina GUILDANI (TSE)
Identification and Inference in Discrete Choice Models with Imperfect Information

February 25th - Nathan MILLER (Georgetown University)
Oligopolistic Price Leadership and Mergers: The United States Beer Industry

*CANCELLED* March 10th - Michela TINCANI (UCL)
Incentive Effects of Preferential Admissions under Subjective Beliefs

*CANCELLED* March 24th - George-Levi GAYLE (Washington University at Saint Louis)

*POSTPONED* April 7th - Federico CILIBERTO (University of Virginia)

*POSTPONED* April 21st - Robin LUMSDAINE (American University)

*POSTPONED* May 5th - Quang VUONG (NYU) and Isabelle PERRIGNE (Rice University)

*POSTPONED* May 19th - Gregory CRAWFORD (University of Zurich)

*POSTPONED* May 25th - Jeremy FOX (Rice University)

*POSTPONED* June 2nd - Myrto KALOUPTSIDI (Harvard)

*POSTPONED* June 16th - Dan ACKERBERG (University of Texas at Austin)