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This year's academic JM candidates

Academic Job Market Candidates 2023-24

In 2023/24, two of our current PhD candidates will be heading on to the international job market.


Placement Officer:
Pierre-Philippe COMBES

Administrative Support:


Research interests :
Primary field: Public Economics.
Secondary fields: Applied Microeconomics; Real Estate.

Job Market Paper :
Wealth Taxation and Portfolio Allocation

Gabriel Zucman (PSE - UC Berkeley); Jean-Marc Robin (Sciences Po); Niels Johannesen (UCPH)

Ségal's research revolves around the study of households' responses to taxes in a highly globalized world. His job market paper investigates how wealth taxation affects households' portfolio choices, focusing particularly on the degree of substitution between real estate and financial assets.

To learn more about Ségal LE GUERN HERRY, consult his website


Research interests :
Primary field: Sustainable Finance
Secondary fields: Corporate Finance, Mutual Funds

Job Market Paper :
Exit or Voice? Divestment, Activism, and Corporate Social Responsibility

References :
Pat Akey (University of Toronto & INSEAD); Michele Fioretti (Sciences Po); Stéphane Guibaud (Sciences Po)

Victor is a financial economist interested in corporate social responsibility and shareholder activism. His job market paper asks whether ESG-motivated investors should threaten to divest from non-responsible firms, or stay in them and engage with the management. It evaluates the effectiveness of each strategy at promoting firms’ pro-social efforts and uncovers the conditions under which they are most impactful.

To learn more about Victor SAINT-JEAN, consult his website


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