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Sciences Po "SAB" Projects

Since 2009 Sciences Po has been financing internal research projects selected by a board made up exclusively of prominent, internationally recognised academics, external to SciencesPo. This board – the « Scientific Advisory Board » (SAB) – is entrusted every year to evaluate several dozen research projects proposed by SciencesPo’s faculty and researchers.

Sciences Po called for two types of proposals :

  • projects requiring « seed money » in order to help prepare applications for external funding
  • fundamental research projects that are innovative in nature or « disruptive » in their approach to a classic question.

Every year since 2012, the Department's projects have been among the 15 or so internal research projects selected for financial support by the SAB.

  • Measuring the Consequences of Organized Crime on Political Institutions and Firms
    Roberto GALBIATI
  • Social Impact in the Banking Industry: A Historical Perspective
    Michele FIORETTI
  • A Sociology of the State and the Media in India
    Julia CAGÉ et Christophe JAFFRELOT
  • Welfare Impacts of Alternative Airport Slot Policies
    Marleen MARRA
  • Evaluating the Impact of Road Safety Initiatives in Liberia
  • Cities, Growth, and Climate Change
    Florian OSWALD
  • Local Effects of State-Building: Evidence from the French Revolution
    Emeric HENRY and Benjamin MARX
  • Political Dynasties and the Distribution of Wealth
    Roberto GALBIATI
  • Media Competition and News Diets
    Julia CAGÉ
  • Personal Connections, the Balance of Power, and Public Policies in an Autocracy

    Quoc Anh DO
  • Media Capture by Banks: Evidence from News Coverage of the Europe’s Sovereign Debt Crisis
    Ruben DURANTE
  • Crime and House Prices using Micro Data

    Florian OSWALD
  • Input-biased Productivity and Firm Heterogeneity

    Johannes BOEHM
  • Leadership, Policies, and Long-Term Consequences: Historical Evidence from French Western Africa

    Quoc-Anh DO
  • Information Innovation in the Digital World

    Julia CAGÉ
  • Likelihood Corrections for Two-Way Models
  • Mobility, Spillovers and Knowledge Transferability

    Joan MONRAS and Emeric HENRY
  • Minimum Wages and Spatial Equilibrium
    Joan MONRAS
  • Homophily in Social Networks : Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Sciences Po
    Quoc-Anh DO
  • Internet, Political Information, and Ideological Polarization : the Role of Social Media and Search Engines
    Ruben DURANTE and Sergei GURIEV
  • Econometric Analysis of Linked Data
  • An Offer You Can’t Refuse : Mafia, Vote-Buying and Political Capture
    Ruben DURANTE
  • Cheap Talk Communication in Stopping Time Games
    Sidartha GORDON
  • The Impact of Internet on Political Participation, Electoral Competition and Policy Making : Evidence from Italy
    Ruben DURANTE 
  • Violence et harcèlement à l’école : effets et solutions
    Yann ALGAN, project led within the framework of the LIEPP 
  • Solutions to the Incidental-Parameter Problem
  • Media Influence, Political Power and Economic Returns: Evidence from Berlusconi’s Italy
    Ruben DURANTE
  • Tax Rates, Enforcement, Occupational Choice and Tax Evasion
    Zsofia BARANY
  • Stéréotypes, autocensure et réussite scolaire
    Elise HUILLERY
  • Nonparametric Estimation of Finite Mixtures

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  • Banque de France
  • The CORE Project 
  • The Kellen Foundation

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