Finance: A Political and Social Challenge
18 December 2019
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24 January 2020

Cogito 8 – Governing Finance

Governing Finance Cogito 8 Crédits Sciences Po

In an issue devoted to the challenging governance of finance, our researchers might have dwelled on reviewing and analyzing the financial crises in recent memory, or even looked into the future with a lot of frightening forecasts. But since the interest of research lies in going off the beaten track, here they present their most recent research, focused on overlooked or forgotten subjects, and shed light on the obscurities of an often misunderstood world.

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Finance: a Political and Social Challenge
by Cornelia Woll
Are Finance and Democracy Irreconcilable?
by Nicolas Delalande
Legislating to Make Money: Returning to the Gold Standard in Great Britain After the Napoleonic Wars
by Pamfili Antipa & Quoc-Anh Do
The 1980s Debt Crisis:
the Players and the Archives
by Jérôme Sgard
Entrepreneurial Finance: Beyond People
by Martin Giraudeau
Regulating Insurance in Europe:
a Frustrated Ambition

by Pierre François
Household Money, a Policy Issue
by Jeanne Lazarus
Less Finance, Fewer Inequality?
Ten Years After the Crisis
by Olivier Godechot
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