Finance and society

Finances et sociétés

As a multidisciplinary social science university, Sciences Po brings together scholars from a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives focusing on the functioning and evolution of the financial system and its interaction with other parts of the economy, politics and society. The aim of the working group “Finances and society” is to study finance as an integral part of our social orders, taking in account its impact beyond markets to all parts of social life,  as well as the conditions that shape existing financial markets.

Perspectives on finance and society have been developed in all disciplines and research centers at Sciences Po, in particular the research done at the Centre de Sociologie des Organisations (CSO), with its considerable expertise in economic sociology, the Centre d’études européennes et de politique comparée (CEE), which has a research axes dedicated to the transformation of capitalism, bringing together mainly political science and sociology. The Department of economics, the Observatoire sociologique de changement (OSC), the Centre de recherche internationale (CERI), the Centre d’histoire and the Law School also have scholars working on money, financial markets, debt and related issues.

In addition, the working group is nourished by the activities of three initiatives hosted by Sciences Po and external partners dedicated to the study of finance from a variety of angles :


At present, the following researchers participate in the working group :

  • Pamfili Antipa
    Research Economist, Banque de France
    Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Economics
    Areas: financial and monetary history, debt, political economy
  • Régis Bismuth
    Professeur des Universités à Sciences Po
    Areas: Public international law, International litigation, International economic Law, International financial regulation, International standardisation, Animal law and animal ethics
  • Nicolas Coeurdacier
    Principal Investigator ERC INFINHET (Within and Across Countries Heterogeneity in International Finance)
    Areas: International macroeconomics and finance, international equity and bond portfolios, asset pricing, savings and capital flows
  • Nicolas Delalande
    Associate Professor of History, Centre d'histoire
    Areas: historical political economy, fiscal policy, debt, tax revolts
  •  Quoc-Anh Do
    Associate Professor of Economics, Department of economics / LIEPP
    Areas: political economics, using financial market’s evaluation of firm value to understand corporate mechanisms
  • Pierre François
    Dean of the Doctoral School, Research professor of sociology (Sciences Po / CNRS) Centre de sociologie des organisations (CSO), PARI Chair Holder
    Areas: economic sociology, risk and uncertainty, insurance, firms and socio-economic organisations
  • Martin Giraudeau
    Assistant Professor of Sociology, Centre de sociologie des organisations (CSO)
    Areas: accounting, organizations and capitalism, history of science and technology, entrepreneurship and business plans
  • Olivier Godechot
    Co-Director of the Max Planck Sciences Po Center AXA Research Chair Holder, CNRS Research Professor of Sociology Observatoire sociologique du changement (OSC)
    Areas: social studies of finance, labor markets, economic inequality
  • Stéphane Guibaud
    Associate Professor of Economics, Banque de France / Sciences Po Coordinator
    Areas: International finance and capital markets, asset pricing, contracts, financial regulation
  • Katja Langenbucher
    Professor of Private Law, Corporate and Financial Law, Goethe Universität Frankfurt, Affiliate Professor at the Law School of Sciences Po
    Areas: corporate governance, capital markets
  • Jeanne Lazarus
    Research professor of sociology (Sciences Po / CNRS), Centre de sociologie des organisations (CSO)
    Areas: economic sociology, finance and society, financialization and daily life, individual monetary practice
  • Vincent Lepinay
    Associate Professor Medialab
    Areas: anthropology of finance, science and technology studies, finance and crime
  • Guillaume Plantin
    Professor of Economics, Vice-President for Research, Sciences Po, Principal Investigator ERC RIFIFI (Risk Incentives in Financial Institutions and Instability)
    Areas: Macroeconomics, fiscal and monetary policy, banking, insurance, accounting rules
  • Marie-Laure Salles-Djelic
    Dean of the School of Management and Innovation Professor of Sociology, Centre de sociologie des organisations (CSO)
    Areas: transformation of capitalism, role of finance, transnational regulation, corporate governance
  • Jérome Sgard
    Professor of Political Economy, Centre de recherche internationale (CERI)
    Areas: international economic governance, multilateral financial regulation, debt crises, economic development
  • Matthias Thiemann
    Assistant Professor, Centre d’études européennes et de politique compare (CEE)
    Areas: economic sociology and political economy, financial regulation, risk, shadow-banking, macro-prudential regulation, public-development banks
  • Cornelia Woll
    Professor of Political Science, Centre d’études européennes et de politique comparée (CEE)
    Areas: International and comparative political economy, financial regulation, bank bailouts
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